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  1. xRusher-Njr11

    Not Donate Fails Message

    If I Have Balance But Explain That To Me From Premium Message
  2.  Why do not I sign up? In The Sv 
    Someone help me

    1. GeroX


      Your forum account is your server account mate.

      Username: xRusher-Njr11

      Password: ?

  3. xRusher-Njr11

    [DM]DizzasTeR - Dark Wheels

    Nice Map Gorex
  4. Tá tranquilo, Tá favorável     

  5. xRusher-Njr11

    Donators Bug/Error

    Hello Admis Have A Problem With Me Ah Ya Donations Past 2 times the first time on 7 January Today Well Done Today and Al connect to Sv No I exited the Donators No Se Si Es Mi Bug O that this is an error of Sv This is the donation of Today My first donation was 21 December 2015 and expired on 26 of that month Now today Done Me Out That The Donators expires on January 5, 2016 And that I Done on January 7 Osea not understand if it's my mind that this Bug O The Donators Any solution ?