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  1. Here are all of the commands in the Freeroam room for those who don't know about them:

    /kill - Commit suicide.

    /knock - Allows/disallows being capable of falling from bikes.

    /goto <player name/part> - Warps you to a player.

    /passive - Staying in passive mode allows you to avoid getting killed.

    /parachute - Gives you a parachute.

    /armor - This command is used to buy armor for player (cost: $2,500).

    /health - You can buy health for $5,000.

    /vehicle <vehicle name or ID> - Spawns a vehicle.

    /fix - Fixes the vehicle you're in.

    /nos - Adds nitros to your vehicle.

    /hydraulics > Adds hydraulics to your vehicle.

    /vflip - Flips the car up.

    /paintjob - Sets a paintjob for your vehicle (only works on certain vehicles).

    /lock - Lock or unlock your car.

    /weapon -> Gives you a random weapon with low ammo.

    /weaponb -> You can buy a more powerfull weapon for 10,000 (its selected randomly).

    Note: Weapons are really controlled, once you buy or get a free weapon, there's a cooldown period to get a new one (bought weapons have a reduced cooldown period).


    /sniper -> Teleports you and give you a sniper to fight against other players.

    /minigun -> Almost the same as sniper but even faster to kill or die.

    Some extra information:

    1.) Only the admins and donators can spawn vehicles like Rhino, Hydra, Hunter, etc. Other harmless vehicles can be spawned by anyone. The normal players have no luck at all.

    2.) You can't warp to a player if he/she is in a car and is locked.

    3.) You can't warp to a player if you are in a vehicle.

    4.) You can't warp to a player if you are in a minigame (type /kill to quit a minigame).