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  1. Surprised to see that you're still pumping out these videos. Nice work though.
  2. Bumping this topic with my picture:
  3. SquoniX

    The end

    I was waiting for this announcement, looks like it's de jure and not just de facto as well. I was thinking of coming up with some great speech but in the end, I decided to go with a short message. I had a rocky relationship with most people at TG but I still spent hundreds of hours in this small community and I had my best and worst moments here. I'm truly sad to see it go down, it was obvious way back in 2017 but I still had some hope that it would survive, unfortunately, it didn't. Anyway, I hope you folks good luck in real life and if TG ever comes back, I will be one of the happiest people out there.
  4. u replied on my picture, just saying u know who i am XD?


    old nR|Sjoe

    1. SquoniX


      Definitely, the one from Netherlands!

  5. you got kicked ? noooo:): I'll miss u bro 

    1. Heibara


      oh cmon for &%*$ sake 

  6. Hello, welcome to our server. PM me if you need any help.
  7. @V1SH4L - I hate him because his name contains a "1" and a "4" while the other letters are capitalised. He thinks that he looks cool, no, you don't. I am going back to being a vegan, bye.
  8. He is dead (seriously).