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  1. u replied on my picture, just saying u know who i am XD?


    old nR|Sjoe

  2. you got kicked ? noooo:): I'll miss u bro 

    1. Heibara


      oh cmon for &%*$ sake 

  3. Hello, welcome to our server. PM me if you need any help.
  4. @V1SH4L - I hate him because his name contains a "1" and a "4" while the other letters are capitalised. He thinks that he looks cool, no, you don't. I am going back to being a vegan, bye.
  5. He is dead (seriously).
  6. You can watch the stream of the first match of the CTF Summer Cup which is going to start in 20 minutes here:

  7. This post will be updated with the results of each and every match once the first match starts. Group Stage 1st match: Sound of Victory vs Red Project (3-0) 2nd match: Brotherhood Without Banners vs Sound of Victory (3-0) 3rd match: Brotherhood Without Banners vs Red Project (3-0) (Red Project didn't show up) 4th match: The Ludi's Crew vs Red Project (3-0) (Instant win because Red Project is out of the tournament) 5th match: Rasta Divison vs Dark Souls (0-3) 6th match: Next Revolution vs Perrin Satanquence 666 (0-3) (Next Revolution didn't show up) 7th match: Next Revolution vs Flag's Addiction (0-3) (Instant win because Next Revolution is out of the tournament) 8th match: Next Revolution vs Street War (0-3) (Instant win because Next Revolution is out of the tournament) 9th match: Flag's Addiction vs Street War (3-0) 10th match: Sound of Victory vs The Ludi's Crew (0-3) 11th match: Xtreme diversion vs Vendetta (0-3) 12th match: Wolf Pack vs Vendetta (0-3) 13th match: Xtreme diversion vs Wolf Pack (3-0) (Wolf Pack didn't show up) 14th match: Wolf Pack vs Outlaws (0-3) (Instant win because Wolf Pack is out of the tournament) 15th match: Perrin Satanquence 666 vs Street War (2-1) 16th match: Vendetta vs Outlaws (3-0) 17th match: Brotherhood Without Banners vs The Ludi's Crew (2-1) 18th match: Rasta Divison vs $uicide $quad (3-0) 19th match: Dark Souls vs $uicide $quad (0-3) 20th match: Dark Souls vs Last Violence (3-0) 21st match: Rasta Division vs Last Violence (1-2) 22nd match: $uicide $quad vs Last Violence (3-0) 23rd match: Perrin Satanquence 666 vs Flag's Addiction (1-2) 24th match: Xtreme diversion vs Outlaws (0-3) Quarter Final : 25th match: Dark Souls vs Perrin Satanquence 666 (0-3) 26th match: Flag's Addiction vs $uicide $quad (3-0) 27th match: Brotherhood Without Banners vs Outlaws (2-1) 28th match: Vendetta vs The Ludi's Crew (2-1) Semi Final : 29th match: Flag's Addiction vs Vendetta (3-0) 30th match: Brotherhood Without Banners vs Perrin Satanquence 666 (3-0) Final : 31st match: Flag's Addiction vs Brotherhood Without Banner (3-0)
  8. Get ready because the fixtures are here! After a long wait, the fixtures are finally here. We ran into some problems, and we are sorry for the delay. You can find the groups table here. This is the schedule (the image will soon be updated with dates): Designed by @Azula. The stages in the tournament: Group Stage: 1st and 2nd positioned teams of each group will qualify to the next round. This means that there will be 8 teams in the next round. Knockout Phase: This stage will include those teams which have qualified the last stage. 8 teams will be carried over from the last stage, the 4 teams which will beat the other teams in this stage will qualify. Semi-Finals: Here, the 4 teams which qualify from the last stage will be in this stage and fight to be in the grand finale. Final: The ultimate showdown, the 2 teams which qualify from the next round will fight against each for the title. Some extra information: These are the maps that you can select (the working maps from the Mapping Contest + the maps with the most votes in this poll): @Dubst3p ft. @ShardeX - Sunset Lovers @Canky - Turtles United @Salahz0r (Krazy) - SyzygY! @RadheN - Absolute Territory @StuntPool94, @Danx & JohnY - PINA DEL COCKORINOIOSES @BuDyA - Morning Glory @V1SH4L ft. @ReazZon - Supernatural @Tirnano - Through The Yard @Arezu ft. @Rointep (NeXTreme) - Aerial Surge @Rapist - Rape the damn flag @BreAkeR - Everything Is Possible As you all know, there will be 3 rounds in a match. The 2 teams will choose the map they want in the first 2 rounds, it will be carried out like this (there will also be a toss to decide which team will choose the map first): The 1st team chooses the map for the 1st round The 2nd team chooses the map for the 2nd round And the map used in the 3rd round is chosen randomly, it can be a map out of the list The tournament will take place in the main server in the CTF Tournament room. Please read the rules if you want to understand how the tournament works in more depth and to also know about the rules and the game mode itself. Best regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team