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  1. raysmta

    I'm sorry

    @MisterQuestions The progress that has been so far is amazing, just in a few months an almost finished gamemode was published to the Multi Theft Auto: Community. In my personal opinion it was amazing, the visuals were great, it was smooth, and it was great to play at to have some fun in my free time. There may be bugs and a few issues, but that's nothing to look down or be upset about; the fact is that the gamemode hit 200+ Players on it's first release; that's when you understand that the effort that you've put in was a success. That playerbase may not be maintained and constant due to the fact of the gamemode being incomplete, you shouldn't feel demotivated because a lot players are still waiting for the new updates that you are working on, we all root for you and Twisted Gamers! c:
  2. raysmta

    Twisted Gamers 3.0 | Patience is Key

    @Mazda That's not me xddd
  3. raysmta

    Logo design SpeedArt | Dragon Mascot logo

    Amazing like always, just bumped into him yesterday. You produce some great work!
  4. raysmta

    Happy 2018!

    It's been a long year, there's been many ups and downs, hard times and then there were those enjoyable moments that we should always cherish. I wish the best in 2018, and hope you have a great upcoming year. You can highlight some of your best moments during 2017 within Multi Theft Auto by replying to this topic that include videos etc. Personally, one of my best moments within Multi Theft Auto was to set up my own Project, and finally be able to develop properly with a good old friend of mine. What about you?
  5. raysmta

    Clan War Bets

    TG 5 - 15 FTW