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  1. Decivise

    Quality test by Decivise

    Hello everyone! I'd like to present my quality test on Deepforces made by Cookie and Gteatero. If you are looking for a recorder, contact me via skype - xdrive89 Song: SDDx & Tobu - Flight (ft. Magdalena Wolk) Mods used: Infernus v5 made by Micra <3 Ultrathing 0.29 PC Specs: AMD FX 8350 CPU (8x4.0GHz) GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB Ram
  2. Hello guys, i want to present you my first Quality Test. =========================================== Mods: I dont use any game upgrades like ENB / Ultrathing. Infernus: Micra v5 Without spoiler =========================================== Map in video: CooN v5 - Waterfront
  3. Decivise

    Quality Test! New Settings

    Well Done
  4. Decivise

    Feat Request

    I can. My skype: xdrive89
  5. Decivise

    [DM]Artic v3 Responsible Nature

    Nice map Good record.