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  1. MrCarton

    Delete my maps

    So, are u can to do it?
  2. MrCarton

    Delete my maps

    Damn, I think it's shit, that's why I want to delete it.
  3. MrCarton

    Delete my maps

    There's no reason, I just want to delete it
  4. MrCarton

    Delete my maps

    Hey, I want to ask you to delete some of my maps. Their name: 1.[Shooter]MrCarton ft. Fano23 - Noobs have to suffer 2.[Shooter]MrCarton - A Million Voices 3.[Shooter]MrCarton - War of Clans 4.[Shooter]MrCarton - Come and Get it 5.[Shooter]MrCarton - ft.Pedrin and ft.Zuko 6.[Shooter]MrCarton - Awake and Alive I would be very grateful if you do this.