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  1. I'll join TG when TG decides to start working on TG3.0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. ZeldaK


      @Mecha This is not the reply we, the players are seeking.. Many things can be said but can be summed up as, as you already mentioned, "disappointment".. though I won't bother saying any. 

      We already know that you """still have players who believe in your future. And that for them, you'll make TG3 a reality.""".. it's been a long time since MQ first started workin on tg3.. however, throughout that time, we, the players that you've put under the 'loyal players' catagory haven't gotten anything in return.. it's always the team members.. 

      We are waiting for a receipt of any kind.. for instance, 3 days donor status.. at the very least.. So we can feel we're being 'loyal' to whom worth it..

      That last update is pretty much superfluous and uncalled for, but i'm not going into detail about it.

      It's about time you guys see what other teams are doing for their players.. the high horse needs to be gotten down off already.. 

    3. ZeldaK


      @SqouniX's thread works in my favor..

       This for example could be done for the players while working on the new server.. And as you obv can see, not even one developer said anything regarding it.. That's one thing I mean.

    4. MisterQuestions


      We are bussy with TG3 to work on 2.0, sorry about it.

  2. Still there's no idea about changing my forum name? 
    I really need to change it to iTrix..

    1. SquoniX


      You can't change your name anymore, please contact @Tommeh (you can also contact the Co-leaders and Moderators, etc.).

    2. karimm


      It won't reset my TG data? @SquoniX

    3. SquoniX


      It won't reset anything. 

  3. karimm

    Donater. #3

    Maybe it's not your way, I pmed Tommeh before you comment. He told me he will look up for it from " 24 Sept. 2016 " and i haven't recieved it yet. And you are commenting after making the topic with a month or something.
  4. karimm

    Donater. #3

    I haven't recieved it yet, He told me " I'll look in to it. "
  5. That's really enough,
  6. Download is not working, When i press the Download link it converts me to your thread..
  7. karimm

    Donater. #2

    No one replies, Good job TG, And don't say please be patient :)
  8. ( 29 August ) , 10 days and i haven't recieved my Donater yet. Will be sorted, please be patient. Should i be more patient? Lol, I won't Like this
  9. I don't like the idea, As Wolf-Pack said, " You're not forced to accept every single pvp request you get. "