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  1. Making The Fast Lane III ;D

  2. Happy new year! Back for a month :D

  3. HawT_HuMaN

    BriaN vol.16 - Patience, She Said

    epic job broh! :) which girl you talking about broh
  4. HawT_HuMaN

    DS vol.10 - Sinful Saints

    epic map! great video!
  5. HawT_HuMaN

    [DM] Moita -v7- Breaking Records II

    beast map my nig, damn rizom you've improved epic edit! :D
  6. HawT_HuMaN

    [DM] CooN V5 - Waterfront

    pro map admennnns
  7. HawT_HuMaN

    Join request results

    Congrats my niglets! rek dat trial period i expected way more butthurt players though
  8. jr y u open wen i go college y y y

  9. HawT_HuMaN

    [COMPETITION] Help us renovate

    in that case impzy ain't gona win nevr evr
  10. why the &%*$ do i have 500 ping in tg

  11. HawT_HuMaN

    [COMPETITION] Help us renovate

    always wanted to map an interior, i'm in
  12. HawT_HuMaN

    [DM] Lx v3 - Tropical Pain II

    great map, shitty edit by noobdeath
  13. HawT_HuMaN

    Rizom ft. NoT ft. ReazZon - Time Passed By

    epic map my boys :D