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  1. Sentimental Hey guys! I'm here with my latest map with Banshee & NoType called 'Sentimental'. I originally started this going to do something with Relax(who I must credit for a little of the decoration at the spawn). I'd also like to thank Banshee & NoType for everything that they did as well, it was fun mapping with you guys ! Hope you all enjoy! 1080p is advised Searching for a recorder? Contact us in skype: ◘ Chipy's skype; juan.videla314 ◘ ShuX's skype: 2profgamers
  2. ShuX

    [DM] AquiL ft ShuX - Sheer Madness

    gj guys. nice map hi
  4. Awesome track & the decorations are quite perfect. The record was also splendid ! Good job guys.
  5. The skin is quite nice. goodjob.
  6. ShuX

    [DM] ShuX vol.1 - Beyond Nature

    Thanks for the feedback guys , means alot ! Heh , you won't be disappointed ;3 As for now, you can check out some of my old maps.
  7. Hey guys I would like to present to you my latest map called 'Beyond Nature', hope you enjoy it I would like to thank Dimi for the record
  8. ShuX

    [DM]Minuter Vol.1 Love shines through

    In my opinion, the map was good until 1:40 , but anyway it's pretty nice for a vol.1 Nice record also
  9. ​xD I don't see the how the track in the first 'Calling Out' is anything like this, but yeah, I want the same atmosphere and decoration for this series.
  10. Hey guys I'm here to present to you my latest map with Ekk'Z, SandeX & Chipy called 'Calling Out II' Thank you mTH for the record
  11. 1 + 0 = ?

    1. GlitterGoose


      1 + 0 = 10. 10 - 1 = 9. 9 : 3 = 3. There are 3,000000000001 sides on triangle. Illuminati 420%

    2. Frankzy


      420 + 1 = 421 - 1 = 420 Weed confirmed :O

  12. Hello TG Community I'm ShuX, I've been working on a little map, it's very short , I know, don't mention it, Anyways I'm looking for 2 or three partners to do all of the Track, I will be doing all of the decorations. if a player wants to do some Decoration then he is free to do it. Anyways, here's the map Thanks to RiseR for the record Subscribe to his youtube channel
  13. ShuX

    [TG 3.0] Development Blog #1

    TG is dying when they keep getting ideas like these. The clan shouldn't have merged imo.
  14. ShuX

    [DM] ChuCky ft, CCC - Race Knowledge

    You are kidding me right ? :P No thank you for ShuX and Damian for their little of help?