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  1. MagnetiC


    I have decide to stop playing MTA i don't like it anymore/got no time to play it. i'm looking for another game to play, if you know a nice game please tell me. Good Luck Everyone In Their MTA Career <3 Good Bye All, MagnetiC
  2. Yes, "Media & Art" and then "Ingame related pictures".

    1. Cheslav


      Mapping section is for the maps which is completed.

  3. If i post the screenshots in media & art is that the right section?

    1. Mattox


      post them here 



  4. MagnetiC

    [DM] MagnetiC Vol.2 - Egyptian Trip

    My v2 is comming soon now [25%] ! Here some screenshots: If you got some tips or something else, please put it below this topic <3
  5. MagnetiC

    [DM] Qwince Ft. DRiVeR - Precious II

    Good Job Nice Record @V1sh4L Nice map smooth track
  6. MagnetiC

    [DM]Infra ft. Tx! - Undiscovered Island

    dam good map ! nice record
  7. MagnetiC

    [DM] SymoN v11 - Deep Legacy

    Pff good map! track looks nice and the deco looks sick, good job m8! Keep going like this