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  1. Heyo guys today i'd like to announce my latest map called - Cool Dreams I've had a great time with these mappers and thanks to Riser for the Record :) Enjoy and have fun playing it !
  2. Heyo Guys! How are u doing !? Well i am fine! I'd like to announce my newest map Called Destination Have fun watching / playing it ! enjoy And thanks to RiseR for the awesome Record!
  3. Thanks for the Record Vishal ! And i had a awesome time making this map with these awesome mappers thanks for that ! and thanks for the nice comments guys we're glad to hear that !
  4. Second.

    Expose yourself.

    My turn ! dont get horny or something :o :
  5. Second.

    [DM]opel-27-Sandking (Finish-Part2 Final version)

    Best map evah ! april fools ! :p keep going ;)
  6. Second.


    osom map , keep going xd
  7. Second.

    [DM]Rage Ft. Divi - Just Got Shrekt! 2

    Castiell , nice record , Divi , nice parts , ur first time , big compliment , rage we know u , and u made it again , keep going guys , its awesome peace - Second
  8. Second.

    Rise[R] Ft Second ft ? ft ? - Find You

    Given to Diatron , Penox , Vetor3x.
  9. Hello guys ! today i am here to show u a map # Feat Request! Well , this map was going to be Riser's V4 , but maybe most of u know : , but he still left mta , and he wont play it again , so he asked me to finnish hes map , with 2 other mappers here is the map ! : Enjoy it and add my skype if u want to be in the feat! Skype : wesley.woortman1
  10. Second.

    [Map deleting request] All BriaN craps

    i love those brian maps , so brian please let them stay :)
  11. Second.

    New trials!

  12. Second.

    New era!

    Welcome mondim , hope with all players from tg that WE can rebuilt TG 3.0 ! guys and Mondim and tommeh GL!
  13. Second.

    New era!

    i like to join tg... @Second