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  1. i heard you made love to pitko

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      Are you drunk?

      Australia is not the same as Austria, but cant blame you

    4. NoNameZ
  2. Team Name: Turtles on Sight Team Tag: .:ToS:. Team Players: 1)Knif3 - Finland 2)Divi - Netherlands 3)Canky - Austria 4)Hangover - Spain 5)Wolf - USA Team Reserves (optional): 1)0L1V3R - Germany 2)Matei - Romania 3)Puma - Philippines Team Avatar (optional):
  3. Metal Gear series are awesome, and also Mass Effect 1-3, Witcher 1-3, Tomb Raider(the new ones), Borderlands series and the Batman games. There're more just can't remember them all atm.
  4. Knif3

    Who am I?

    He did say he's 23 years old, but it indeed says 18 in his profile.
  5. I don't think it's a bad idea at all, but like Ramsy said the vote should pass only if 80% of the room does /voteredo.
  6. Knif3

    New Trials

    Congratulations DaN! Also congratulations other trials.