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  1. JappaX

    Coming and going, new CW manager

    Sweds got better things too do as i can see, haha! cya TG:ers, just a headsup. Don't be desperate for members and choose people that doesnt deserv it, pz!
  2. JappaX

    Expose yourself.

    This picture is taken today!
  3. JappaX

    Expose yourself.

    Me and -|SlowwiE|- 2 years ago.
  4. JappaX

    Expose yourself.

    Drake, in my opinion. ur the last person who should comment on another person's look! ahahahahhaha :)
  5. JappaX

    Expose yourself.

    Me, awesome pic?
  6. JappaX

    Just some status updates.

    Well. First of all. Thanks all ;) Ofc i will spend alot of time in here :o