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  1. Woahhh! Hello / Siema / Hola / I would like to share my reason about why i'm inactive in-game, and about my leaving. First of all. I dont want to share you my long history. SHORT VERSION I'm started to play this game in 2007 or 2008. I'm played many great server for example ( >VIP< [When 3M1N3M was the leader , O.o [Owange Owns] , SHC// [When -ffs-Sniper was the founder/leader of SHC unfortunately its closed because Sniper moved to ffs], -TG- [Twisted Gamers], FFS and xG [xtreme Gamers where i was a clan member ] Well guys, its not easy to leave this community. I want to raise some players in a past. Guys if you read this i will never forget you, and i'm thanks your friendship. Deamonik , MAXIMUS , SLR , Enderz , Ol1V3R , Yv3s , Lumb , Nebun , KaroKarcsi , Paker , Norbi , (and some Hungarian gamer) Eternal , SHC//Burton , SHC//Plugin , SHC//Straight , OVERHELL , Solly , xG|Mondim , xG|Krz , Spotlight, and so on! I cant list you all guys (more than 200 friends) Dont worry i remember you all! I'm dont forget my rivals in DD for example DMX , DeathKiss , Nevez , Joint and so on.. Now i'm focus on my real life I'm build a Netwrok Marketing Business and i have many project in a future! Best of luck in game and in the real life all of you! Thanks for this 9-10 years never forget that. (Sorry for my english) / or how overhell said " sory for ma bad englando " . Peace! (Copied via ffs)
  2. Thanks guys!:) Next time i will make better map!:)
  3. Hello TG! Today i would like to present you my first DM map! I hope you like it ! Thanks TobseN for this video.
  4. Hello ! I guess that many players will not remember me, so i would like to tell my story of MTA. I started to play MTA since 2007 Agust on O.o (Ownage Owns) >VIP< (Very Important Players) I don't thinks so, but when i started to play there Eminem from Poland was the leader of >VIP<. I spend a great times on O.o, and i find a wonderful people. who still playing on MTA, his name is Deamonik and hes livin' Slovakia. He show that, how can i control my car in the air, so i would like to thanks Deam! Almost every people found a person in game, who will be a "best friend" in game. My person was Deamonik and we have a many story what now i don't want to write on, because it's not a book. Well i do not enjoyed the game, because i had only 8-11 fps in game, that was horrible.. I decide to buy a new computer. I did it on December. 2009 after 1 month ago my computer died (broken motherboard). When i back the game in 2010 summer. I started to play a new server what name was: SHC// (Small Hustlers Crew) This server was the most important server on my mta "carrier", because there i feel the game very well. When i started to play there, these maps was the best " Rafinha V9 The Evolution , TulioTC ft Rafinha" etc.. In 2011 SHC//Sniper moved to ---, and the server going down, few weeks i didn't played. Someone told me that " try to play TG " I tried, and i liked this atmosphere. I registered in October.2011 and i played 2 active years on server. Beetween Oct 2011 - Nowadays. I played [EPG] , [SMT] DD server , xG( xtreme Gamers I'm was xG member for 1 years ) E.T* (Hungarian Friends clan) eXo (just a little bit) ---( again playing there for a week ). At the moment i'm -EF// member ( this is the clan of --- with amazing dd past. Our clan was the best dd clan for a long month. ) I'm grown up. I'm 20 years old and i don't have enough time to play this games. When i see old players, who still play on OS ( Old School ) my heart is cry.. You guys never will feel what the old players felt, who played 4-6 years ago on this game. Our time is gone. I see that now everyone try to make maps, and these players 80% would be famous. These maps are horrible i really dont enjoy this.. I loved tropical maps, loops , jump (like: Rafinha , TulioTC , Martin , FLO , Wortex any many mappers..) I just would like to messange for you. Enjoy your game time, and try to acquire a many friends. PS: Well i really liked the old TG not this "new" mode's.. Different rooms for DM , DD , Shooter , CTF???!!! and others rooms Unnecessary... PS#2: Please connact me, if you are know me, and we spend a good time on any server. Some players in game, who's i never forget.. Deamonik , Exixtance , Ol1v3r , SHC//Straight , SHC//CrazyGamer , SHC//Plugin , SHC//BurtoN SHC//Hamza, Kutya , Kacsa. Krz , Mondom , Spotlight , and i know i forgott someone, who is very important for me, but thats all yet. I'm hope you will understand my english. See you on server! - Loading...
  5. Some pic's of Italy. Burano. ME:
  6. New fifa13 gameplay video!enjoy. goals at: 6:09 , 6:59 , 9:24 , 11:52 , 13:57 .

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  7. Im in the right boy. (dont look my eyes)+(My hair is sux too) :SD
  8. Merry Christmas dear TG community:> and happy new year. Good luck to the next year.