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  1. Now here's some original and good work! Welcome back mate and keep it up ;)
  2. New Portrait design/illustration by me, check it out - https://ikingdesigns.carbonmade.com/projects/5727505#7

    1. MightyAce


      Nice work.

  3. iKinG

    Coronet INTRO

    Guess what? I want him to tell me if he made it or not, I'm asking him not you because how would you know for sure? I'm just curious because this style of intro is very, very common and there are so many templates out there and tutorials on how to do styles like this. So to see someone actually make an intro without using a template is cool but many people use templates and that's why I'm asking. I find this style of intro pretty sick in my opinion but yeah
  4. iKinG

    Coronet INTRO

    Is this a template or did you create it yourself? If so, good job
  5. Added some more work, nothing with the TG logo yet, just some stuff I've made recently and in the past.
  6. The default style is nice but there is a reason why I didn't use it that much yet and that's because there isn't much it can be used for. I will agree that it is pretty clean, and it has it's uses but it is not a diverse logo. It's a logo that is mainly meant to be used for 2D images which I will start making more of and posting on this topic so keep an eye out for them, you might like them. The whole purpose of me posting the images that are currently on here, for now, is to show that the logo can be used for more than just 2D. It was in my effort to show what all I can do with the logo. Everyone has different views on what they like relating graphics design and it's my job to show a variety of different images so everyone can get an idea of what they like the logo being used in for themselves if they so wish to request a banner or avatar. If anyone has any idea on something I could make, they can pitch that idea to me and I'll see what I can do. It is in my favor and I do enjoy it, to make designs for TG. Whatever makes the community happy will make me happy, I love to see everyone smiling :D
  7. Hello, I'm here to first, show some of the banners and avatars I made for TG. I'm not sure what everyone likes so this will be a start! I will continue to make a few more things and when I do I'll add them onto this topic. So let's start off with the avatars, my favorite! (To view images, click on the numbers) Avatars #1 - This is by far one of my favorite avatars! #2 - Now I thought this one was pretty funny #3 - This one will be the last of the avatars I've made for now Banners #1 - This was a promo banner I made to promote TG 3.0 #2 - Another version of the promo banner using images I pulled from MTA gameplay #3 - This was my attempt at making a 3D banner with the logo #4 - I recently have been working at a new style and this is it, I still need to find a way to make the logo better go with the background Illustrations #1 - This is the illustration I talked about making, still really simple but that's how the logo looks best Just a reminder, not everything here is perfect but just a way to show you guys some of the things I'm capable of doing, I'm sure everything here needs their changes. This is all just a start for the stuff I can do in the future for TG as a Graphic Designer And now to move on and post some of my best works to show what else I'm able to do! :D My Work #1 - 2D Avatars #2 - 3D Avatars #3 - 2D Banners #4 - 3D Banners #5 - Illustrations, a lot of which are works in progress(just ideas) #6 - Logo Designs, my favorite of everything and it's also what i'm best at, let me know if you need a logo!
  8. Vishal is love, Vishal is life :wub:

    1. Kagan
    2. SquoniX


      Following @Division's advice, I see.

  9. I honestly wanted to just take the time to say Thank You to every person who has made TG possible. Not many people get a thank you for the things they've done and I know a lot of people in this clan have worked hard to keep this website going and to keep the server going. I know there is a lot that goes into keeping everything going so I just want to say thank you for all that you guys do! Anyways, keep up the good work all of TG, this includes the community, you represent the clan as well If you feel the same way just take the time and comment below "Thank you TG" along with any additional stuff you would like to say. Let's show how much we care!
  10. Alright cool, yeah files will be needed :D
  11. For those of you that don't know, I did apply to TG as a Graphics Designer. I heard they're in need of one so I figured I would take a shot at it. I need something to keep me busy doing GFX so I thought this clan might help me do just that! I would like a chance to prove how worthy I am as a Graphics Designer so I need the community's help in me doing that. So my question is, what type of GFX do you guys like? What would you guys like to see be made? I'm up for anything, any kind of challenge, just throw it at me and I'll see what I can do!