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  1. Hello there. Though I've said that my channel is going to be fully closed, I'm still up for recording maps for my mates or guys who have already been my requestors. Somehow I miss these recorder's boring days, on another side, I achieve something new for myself in recording and editing. More than two months without editing, so painful I'd like to present you @ReazZon 's new volume called Tropea 2. This is a sequel of first Tropeamap, which was his 8th volume. It has a decent track with possible cuts, so it could be a good map for WFF or just belongs to WFF style. Decorations are fabulous and still fits the style of first Tropea. Overall I can say that ReazZon did a great job and I hope he will improve himself a lot as a mapper! But the progress is already perceptible. About the video, first of all, I would like to apologize for few fails (TV part and last 20 secs song part). Somehow After Effects got buggy for me, it also couldn't create a solid 3D tracking for a clip. Hopefully, these bugs will be fixed until the next video from me will be released. I couldn't re-render it again and fix everything because a requestor was already waiting a lot, so bothering him about waiting a bit more would be immature from my side. Anyways I hope that you will like it, same as I did! I promised myself to reach 1000 subscribers till the end of this year c: P.S. I'd like to thank @LamzoR for helping me in recording a scene with a gray hoodie guy! It was a pleasure to work with you, thank you a lot! Budya bro. ReazZon v10 - Tropea 2 Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  2. Hey guys. I'm back with another video, which took me a lot due to lack of time and inability to work with my PC. Yeah, I have finally finished it and ready to present you. I'd like also to mention that I will reduce my recording queue and start making videos only for my mates and teammates. So let's move on. This video took me a few weeks, to be honest. But the lack of time just destroyed everything. First of all I'd like to say sorry to @Mower, who waited so long and was really patient as hell. I hope that video worth it! I've tried to give this video a bit of it's own Star Wars theme but with a note of own edit style. I hope that you will like this video and it's edit and I will see a lot of positive feedback! I'd like to give a thanks for the actors who took a part in this video. These guys are @Tccho & @DRiVeR . Thank you for helping me with making these clips and scenes. About the map. I can clearly say that it's the best map which was based on something with universe, star wars, star ships and so on. It's amazingly decorated map! I liked the style, the weather, song, scripts, track, just everything. This is a great replacement of first Star Wars map. Sequel got the best result and decorations for it's theme. These two guys spent a long time and did a hard work on this map. It trully deserves 100 likes and more than 3000 of views instantly. Track is not even buggy and well done, decorations are just perfect. Nothing more to say. Didn't expect than @Cookie can map good, hue. @Mower is also wanted me to mention such guys as @Mirage , @iRaven and @gr0x for helping him with scripts and else stuff. Thanks goes to @AnTi-Z ,@Winside and @NitroN too. So here we are guys. Leave a like and subscribe! Hope you will like our Mower ft Cookie - Star Wars II Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  3. First of all, I would like to apologize to all of guys who got their maps in my recording queue. Due to work and some real life troubles, I had to slowdown on making videos. But now, I left my work and life seems to be good, so I have got much more free time for recording maps and finishing all my projects. I promise that I will try to finish all stuff as soon as possible, keep calm. Thanks! Now let's move further and talk about current release. This map also was requested by @DeLeTe like few months ago and finally I can say that I'm done with the video! I hope it worth it, mate. About video. I have decided to keep something simple, but cool. I got bored by standard map intros and decided to give it a bit of my own stuff & ideas. It's still my lovely cinematic stuff with some editing and deep look idea. I don't really mind if it's too long and video is 6 minutes overall. I'm not going to make same edits. I won't care about time, length and style. It's my own stuff. Hope you will appreciate and like it. I'm still up for critic and your opinions, so don't hesitate and leave them below. This map..hmm..I can surely say that this map deserves a lot. It got AMAZING style and some fresh track ideas. Mapper cared about players, made everything smooth and sexy. Map has some pink and red tones, so @DeLeTe decided to call it Romance. Track is really enjoyable and to be honest, I didn't get any bug while driving this map. Decorations are perfectly done, with some d0ggy style, but mapper added his own style and mixed them both. He also expects to hear some opinions about map, because it's important for him. On your opinions will be based a second part of ROMANCE. I hope that you will like this map and the video I have prepared for it. I'm still on a road for 1000 subscribers, you know what I mean. Leave a like and subscribe to my channel! Stay tuned and be ready for some new and fresh videos! P.S: Huge thanks goes to @KENZOR and @perfekt for helping me with cinematic shots. @DeLeTe also wanted to mention @iRampage for helping him with map and overall and also he wanted to mention that all not fully decorated or undecorated parts are decorated now! DeLeTe - Romance Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  4. Hey, my dear subscribers & viewers. It's been a while after I posted my last video. There are a lot of reasons why I'm kinda slow nowadays. Firstly, it's my job in real life. Also, I got some real life problems I'm trying to deal with now. Secondly, we got some problems with video, so I made a new one. But I'm still here! I'm still trying to do good videos and trying to improve myself. I can't say this edit is the best one, but surely EoS mappers couldn't wait for so long, that's what we have here! Also after joining FFS Team, I got much more stuff to do. I have to finish my concepts & so on. Let's talk about map. This map is really amazing and smooth! Smooth as f***. It's enjoyable to drive and still reminds first version of Essence Of Speed. Great map by three mappers. Mix of two Dutch guys and one Hungarian. Each of them did a great job and I hope this map will be a WFF & fast toptimes map as well. I guess you will like the video & this map together, so leave a like and subscribe! Share your opinion about both creations! #RoadTo1000subs Darmos ft Swalox ft DRiVeR - The Essence of Speed II Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  5. Hey, my viewers. After almost 3 weeks I'm back again with another video and another map! Firstly I would like to thank you for reaching 800 subscribers point on my channel! That's not really a huge amount, like other recorders have, but I'm proud of it. I like that you guys still supporting me. I hope that we are able to get even 1k! Let's do this now! Video was made kinda on a fast hand (not really), because of my work. Work takes a lot of my private life & time and each evening after my work I have only 1h to do something on my PC. But each such evening I'm tired and all I want is to play few maps on FFS and relax. There are more cool records and maps incoming on my channel, you're going to be excited, trust me! About map. This map was created almost a month ago, but as you see, I've released it only now. It was related to Christmas & Winter time. Sadly Christmas passed by, but we still have a winter here, so map came right in time! Woo-hoo! It is really smooth map without a huge amount of decorations. It's easy, playable and really-really smooth. I like the style they have followed and map overall. These two guys from Israel, who are @DeLeTe and @iRampage made a great work. I hope that you will also like this cute winter map! Also DeLeTe want to mention that they worked together on this map for 2 weeks together! So, that's all for now. Obviously, leave a like and subscribe my channel! Stay tuned! p.s: I would like to give a HUGE thanks to @NoHear for his incredible work on making a special infernus for my channel and me at all. He did a great job. If you want to see more of his works, check this link: CLICK! DeLeTe ft iRampage - Frigidity Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  6. Hello fellas. Finally I've finished this video and it's editing. To be honest, I'm impressed by the things I've learned after using After Effects. I didn't expect to get a better results from myself, but by following some tutorials and working on myself, I've discovered a lot of useful stuff and skills, which I'm trying to share with you. I'm trying to do it for my subscribers only. I want to show you, that current video editors still able to do a cool and great stuff, which could be way different than simple edit. Hope you will like the video I've made this time and you will leave it a lot of likes! Let's talk about map. @Zebra made a cool map, which is so enjoyable for me. I've felt in love, when I saw it for the first time. I hope that I will see much more of his maps on my channel! Overall this map is smooth and great for driving. It remind some old school stuff but with new school pieces. I've already seen some previews of his second volume and it's gorgeous. Ignacio said that this map is pure shit and it doesn't need a cool edit, but I hope that this edit was cool enough! Anyways, check the video and share your opinion. I hope that you will like the work both of us and let's finally reach a point of 800 subscribers on my channel. Leave a like and subscribe to my channel by following the link below! Make me a tiny gift for a Christmas & New Year. Zebra - Reach Out Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  7. Once again I'm back with a fast video! Yeah, this map was requested to record by @Miketz and he asked me to do it as fast as possible. While being at home, having a free day, I've recorded and made this video for him. Currently working on an amazing intro, which you guys should like, but let's go on topic. As it's creator says, map is partly NS, partly OS, so don't look at it like at new school badly decorated map. I like the style he kept through whole map and the map at all. It was a fast try from us both to remind you those old feelings and good old times, when you should control that god damn RC Bandit and not to fall down. Map is smooth and playable. I can call @Miketz a freaking fast mapper of this year. You can't even imagine how many maps he deleted while mapping. I hope you like the video and the map. Leave a like and subscribe to stay tuned for future releases. Still on way to 800 subcribers :c P.S: The intro I am making is for the map of cute dentist Miketz - Young Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  8. Quite fast, huh? Yeah, as you see I've released one more map in a 3 days after previous release. Really fast, I know, but there are reasons. I'm kinda busy, because of my work and iRampage waited for such a long time for a *shit video* huh Anyways, I hope that he will appreciate my work. I've got a lot of cool ideas for future edits and maps which are coming, but I just need a time for it. But I have your support, so I'm happy that you guys also appreciate my work & work of mapper I present to you. So this is third volume of iRampage , which is called Flashbacks. To be honest, I'm not a fan of night style maps, but this one seems to be really pretty and enjoyable. Even when I showed screens from edit to my mates, they asked me something like: "Is that Known's map?". So seems like this guy knows how to map good. He did a great job, hope you will like it! Same goes for the video. Yeah I didn't spend that much time on it, but I hope it's acceptable either! Leave a like and subscribe to my channel. I'm still on way to reach my 800 subscribers point. Also, I'm going to change a design of my channel at all and main style gonna be changed too. But that would happen at the ending of this month! So stay tuned, see ya! iRampage - Flashbacks Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  9. Hello or good evening, for some of you it's morning or even day. Anyways, I'm back with another new video, which I expected to see on my channel for a long time. My good mate @Miketz has created a new map, which is really magnificent and got the style I really like. I mean, just look at this guy. He's doing a great progress day by day and I hope to see more such mappers like him. Map is enjoyable, smooth to drive. Decorations looks perfect, so I hope you will like it too. Let's wish him a good luck with his next maps, which also gonna be great, trust me. This dude is a huge mapping nolifer! About the video, this kind was requested by @Miketz . He likes videos without cinematic edits more, so I've followed his suggestions, requests and opinions, so here you go. I hope you will still like my videos and will get the main idea of video. May be this map deserved a better record, but I've tried to make it smooth and clean, so the map is! Well, I hope you will leave a like for this video, editing and map overall. Also, subscribe to my channel. Let's hit 800 subscribers point after this video! Hope it's possible! Stay tuned, more great maps are coming! Miketz - Intrepid Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  10. One week passed away and I'm back with another video. Let me talk by few steps. So the first one is the map. This map was made by two awesome mappers, who are AquiL and Chipy. These two guys made a fabulous map, which is really enjoyable. It has nice decorations and also a track, which is playable and quite smooth. I've enjoyed passing and playing this map, so goes for it's recording. I hope that you guys will make more of these, because this map has it's a little bit own style. Now, next step is the video. I don't know, will you like it or not, but I made a quite long intro which is almost a one minute. Why? Because it was my own opinion and idea to make it like this. I put enough effort into this video and I hope that you will get it. I've avoided all bugs, problems, else. Everything is quite fine, as you see. I hope that all points of this video are good for you. Quality, edit, intro and main idea. I'd like to say a HUGEthanks for my actors, which I didn't mention in the end of the video. These guys are Mirage & Geass. We can call them an Oscarawarded MTA actors! Ha-ha! They helped me a lot with this intro and I feel happy to have such a good mates in-game! Leave a like and subscribe to my channel! My main achievement now is to get 1000 subscribers till the end of December. I know it's not that possible, but you can help me with this! AquiL ft Chipy - Vulture's Way Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  11. Hello there, it's me, REFLEX, back again with another video. How'ya guys doin'? After a few weeks of break, I'm back with an amazing and skilled map by SymoN. Yeah, the reason I was making video for such a long time was my work. Also, I wasn't at home for almost a whole week, so I had no possibility to continue editing and so on. But, here I am. So let's go on topic. SymoN came back with a new map, which he planned to record by himself. But due to some problems with his PC, he gave me a chance to record this skilled map, which has some new ideas of track. Overall, I liked it a lot. Somehow, I failed a lot of times so I needed to cut it. But without a record, I've passed it from 2nd try. Well, yeah, my luck once again. Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this video and also you will like an map of SymoN. I'd like also to mention, that he left a little thing in his map, in honor of Tarkaan, the guy who has died a month ago, because of a horrible disease called leukemia. Rest In Peace, dear Tarkaan, hope you feel great there! I'd like to say sorry for cuts and also for a little problem with motion tracking of text. I have no idea why it's like that, because while preview before render, there was no problem. But let's go on and leave behind this negative and sad stuff. Leave a like and subscribe to my channel! Stay tuned! SymoN - Temple Of God Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  12. After a week, I'm back with another fresh video. I've just finished by standart studying and moving on distance studying. That means, that I will study at home, so more possibility to record videos. You will see a lot of great maps, be sure about this and stay tuned. Right now I'm trying to work more on my records, quality and edit overall. I'm expecting to have a support from you. By this, I mean your thoughts about my videos, current and future suggestions and so on. Let's talk about map. Andro, an old hungarian player, decided to make a map after a huge break, caused by his work and spare time. He made a cool, half-speed and smooth map, which is really playable and enjoyable to drive. I'd even say that this map is good for clanwars. I appreciate his work and his offer to record a map of him. Hope that you will like a work of both, recorder and mapper. I've reached a point of 720 subscribers in a week or even more and I'm excited. Much appreciated, guys! If you like a video and map, leave it a like, subscribe and show to your mates in-game! Stay tuned for future videos. Peace out! p.s. I'd like to know, what do you think about cinematics intros and should I continue making them? Andro - Revived Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  13. Well, as you see, I'm back after few days with my new video which I made with Adobe After Effects software. To be honest, I didn't expect that it would be way cooler to use it. Why I made it so fast? I've just spent 3 days on doing video for this map, because of free weekends. Fancy is back with his great series of maps called "The Dark Feronia" and this is second one! To be honest, I appreciate that people keep giving me such great maps. He did a good job and map looks really gorgeous. Driving it was a real joy and same for recording. I hope that we will see more such maps from Fancy and he will keep mapping like he can! Leave a lot of likes, if you appreciate Fancy's and my work and also subscribe to my channel! I hope you really like this video and I'm open for critics. Sorry if intro was too long, just tried something another Fancy \-/ The Dark Feronia II \-/ Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  14. Hey folks, I'm back with another video! I've made it on a fast hand, because I'm switching on another software called Adobe After Effects and this is my last video with Sony Vegas. As you see, my quality became shittier and I'm out of ideas why. This map is playable and cool. These two guys, who are Jil and LaZZ did a good job with this map. Hopefully it's without any bug and it's abnormal in these days, huh Also you might see some FPS drops, it caused by trees mod. Sorry once again, for my bad quality and may be bad record. I'm going to change a lot of stuff, but also I'm going to spend more time on it. Leave a lot of likes, if you appreciate his and my work and also subscribe to my channel! Also I've reached 700 subs! Thanks for this! I appreciate each sub from you! LaZZ ft Jil - Zou Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  15. Hey folks, I'm back with another video! I have less and less time due to some stuff with university. It's almost an ending of studying at classes, so we need to finish a lot of stuff there. At the beginning of November I'll get more time for my videos. This map is just magnificent and gorgeous. After a huge break of map making, Krzysztof is back with another map which is kinda made in OS style, but still DM. His theme and atmosphere were created on a base of Tomb Raider. Also sure, if it's Krzysztof , then map should consist fancy and amazing scripts! He did a great job with a mapping and scripting also. I felt the atmosphere and also..well..while playing this map, I can imagine, that mapping in MTA can be better and greater. I hope all of you, mappers, will try to create a maps which has some basement, atmosphere and theme of it. I totally like this map and it's amazing! I hope you will also like this map and also a video! Leave a lot of likes, if you appreciate his and my work and also subscribe to my channel! Krzysztof - Tomb Raider II Subscribe via this link - Sincerely, REFLEXTV