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  1. Hmm, I should start playing again.

  2. Oh wow, that preview looks nice! Good job guys!
  3. Kinda sick of maps like these after the entire Just Got Shrekt series got too overplayed on TG. You should start making deco more, just like your v4. Everyone liked that. Besides the map, good recording. :)
  4. Sick pc, I also have a i5 4460 (Just like Spotlight) and a GTX960, great combo! Have fun with it. :)
  5. Dat deco is amazing. :< Sick recording as always, good job!
  6. All of the above, good luck everyone.
  7. You could use San Andreas Mod Installer.
  8. Truly in love with the first one. :0 Good job man!
  9. We all see what kind of jumps you like to map! :P Nice map dude, props. =)
  10. It's a script yes, not sure how they did it though.
  11. I'd vote for the tournament to start after the team picking deadline, maybe 3 weeks later? The coming 3-4 weeks, most people will be on vacation and won't be home. Teamname: Childs Play Team leader: Matthy Members: Matthy, Toadflox, sT|NoNameZ, -|TG|-Negativ, VonKasty, HawT and Zeist.