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  1. Congrats to vyt, don't care about the others.
  2. Still working on the feat with Sebas. Its about 70% done. :)
  3. Dafuq? Fusionz is not mapping anymore.
  4. Gratz sebas.<3 Actually the only guy i know from the ones accepted.
  5. IMO, 4 of the people who joined didn't deserve to.(not gonna give names) Well, congrats anyways!
  6. It's just the weather.You won't notice them at all while playing as they are located at a high altitude.(where the spawn is)
  7. Dawg Q , didn't know that :/ CooL had the idea :P i've already sent it to battaniik and i'm too lazy to change it.
  8. FakeDeath ft CooL - Demolition soon at BattaTV