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  1. As I'm pretty much had the last day in the army. I'd share a picture from my very last drill. also my favorite one, cause of my soldier's face ;).
  2. Tommeh finishes army while I'm only halfway, &%*$ my life.

    1. Break990


      Oh man, oh man, time goes by so fast c':

  3. Too hard to achieve player amount without a lycosa that sitting on the community's neck. Glad you guys figured this out. I'll be checking out how things work out. Good luck!
  4. 4 years.. best of luck! still a proud founder that lives quite differently now.
  5. It's been a while.

    1. SquoniX


      So, you are back? ;_;

    2. Mondim
  6. Lycosa

    New era!

    What the &%*$. Tommeh if this won't workout you better close the clan so it can keep the honor that we achieved. I hope you're doing the right call.
  7. Big props for Nathan, for all the hard work you've been giving and will give. Much respect from me, keep it up.
  8. A late congratulations!
  9. I'm back from America.

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    2. Arezu



    3. Tirnano


      Did you go to McDonalds?

    4. UltraZz


      I've heard that you can buy fries in Mc Donalds. Is that true?

  10. My first anime was Sword Art Online, you could try that.
  11. Started to watch Sakurasou no pet na kanojo, any thoughts from people who saw it?
  12. I'm a creep, do you have a problem?