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  1. can i join tg plz


    1. Heibara


      you're too old for TG now 

  2. Do you know what you are?

    1. HaRCoR7


      A BEAST

    2. Damage


      It's a privilege to get to know yourself. :happy:

  3. whats good whats goooood?

  4. HaRCoR7

    Why i hate arabs(Saudi)

    Munk what you said doesn't apply on us for example, here (palestine & occupied palestine, jordan, egypt, and all other arab countries except saudi arabia and such) women have their full rights, they can do anything they want as long as they're not breaking the rules, they can drive cars, have boyfriends, go out with friends without fearing of getting raped or humilated, etc... Don't compare SA with other arab countries, because they got strict shit, that's their culture and they just live with it.. Parents here don't force their daughter to marry someone she doesn't like, unless if her parents are uneducated unintelligent beduins, beduins are the type of dark skinned arabs who used to camp in deserts, but some of them are educated and integrated with us farmers (non-beduins). So don't judge a nation because of some shitty uneducated parents with lower IQ than the girth of my dick
  5. HaRCoR7

    MTA Memes

    We had such a topic years ago, but let me put some more:
    1. On-Air


      My ISP is already rolling out IPv6 :D

    2. Unix


      Not a lot, only downside really is for new customers who need an ipv4 - companies may start sharing IP addresses

  6. wtf
    1. On-Air
    2. GlitterGoose


      He sucks. Furious Pete bettar

    3. mater


      you are only 16 you fuckin lier

  7. HaRCoR7

    Expose yourself.

  8. it's just the beginning of the end :p

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    2. On-Air


      Topgear even put a car on a car roof to roof and then steered with the top car while being upside down. topgear is the best.

    3. UltraZz
    4. Tirnano