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  1. Kamen

    The end

    Oh, hellyeah we've had it. I'm sure the beautiful memories will be kept with some of us for so long as this was the community we've grown up with and you always have those nostalgic thoughts of your childhood. I've met lots of people and I'm thankful for all the time I've spent here. During TG's peak in 2012-13, while it was at the top of mta, we've achieved so much, and definitely had the best community out there. Glad to have been a part of it.
  2. I'm glad to see that some guys have finally succeeded in joining TG. Congratulations new trials, good luck and have a great time.
  3. I cannot use English on this website.
  4. DD is uncontrollable. Invite some DD guys like Irenox or some as good as him. Seriously. Playin DD in TG is imposible. Full of moded vehicles' players, teamers, pvp abusers, insulters....

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    2. HaRCoR7


      dont think it's allowed in mta, but i think a script can be done to disable custom vehicle collisions / collshapes

    3. axel+


      Either way, editing the collision basically has no impact on the other cars. It only impacts the person using the mod, but it could also be used for a pretty big advantage too.

    4. Kamen


      If I have lambo instead of cheetah, it's bigger. It's the same as if they have 66000 ping. Like lagging hell, but they are normal 51 fps and 50 ping. Trust me, I've talkeed with bulgarian idiots and they were using moded cheetah to kill others. and from 24 players in DD, only 8 stayed.

  5. 3runner was the oldest guy here after Tommeh. (I mean the time being in TG) Sad to see him go. PS: About the ALV's trial period - maybe he was the most active of them. Nothing personal. I just joined a few times in the server and he was there. PS 2: It's pretty sure - no more hard maps in the server.
  6. Happy birthday, Azis. I'd like to get your skype.

    1. Pepyaka


      Thanks Azis :* sashaololo1

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    2. Drake°


      I was tied up :(

    3. Selvis



    4. HaRCoR7
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMm7hoRpmng
  8. New channel intro!

    1. Selvis


      bad audio quality.

    2. Darius


      Ah I thought that you created a new channel. :D