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  1. Break

    I am out.

    It's obviuos... Won't even write anything more, good luck and see you!
  2. Hey guys!

    From now on, before posting, you'll be able to see the post without posting, I added a button called "Preview post", after pressing it you will see how the post will be so like this you won't edit it 14 times, thanks in advance!

    1. gemi


      gj :579dcf9b89edd_EmojiSmiley-01:

  3. I hope you like the new theme!

    1. gemi


      gj :579dcf9b89edd_EmojiSmiley-01:

    2. TonyxO


      You should fix the navbar (I do not like how willing it is) and there is no good contrast between the two white backgrounds (these are just tips, do not delete pl0x)

    3. HRD


      i didnt liked, i loved :D

  4. I hope you like the new icons, thanks to @IntreLeX who designed them.

  5. Thanks guys, let's make TG great again, let's work together and congratulations @MisterQuestions and others new trials.
  6. Break

    Various Suggestions

    Many of these suggestions you are giving is on my mind already, we are working in some forum updates already you may see in the next days. Thanks for your suggestions.
  7. Break

    Hey, I'm Break!

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it!
  8. Break

    We will never die!

    Sincerely, ZeldaK, I prefer even play with 10 players, loyal to TG community. It's even worse stay playing with 40 players that most of them hate it, you never will play smooth with these haters, that's why from my part I prefer to play with these loyal players.
  9. Hello everyone, Today I'm introducing myself as Break, my MTA history is faster. I joined TG in 2011 and in that year I moved to Spain, so I was inactive in MTA and got kicked in same year, 2011, from TG. When I came back I joined in >VIP< but suddenly it was dieying so I left and now I'm back here, I can't forget TG as my first clan and my first server so I'd like to get here forever till my career in MTA die, so I can't write anything more about my MTA life. My name is Jose, I'm from Colombia and I am 20 years old. I moved to Spain in 2011 because of my parents, they moved our family to Spain because they needed job and they found it here, in Spain. Now I'm studying in university and everything is going good in my family, so I think that's all, if you wanna know something feel free to ask it, I'll answer without problems, if it's something private, I'll do it via PM. Thanks for your time in my introduce, with love, Break!
  10. Break

    We will never die!

    First of all, there are so many haters lol, if you don't feel good here just get out from here, we don't need you here with your shitties immatures comments. Good luck and great job for these developers, you are making TG great again, if anyone ask who's that fucking Break, I'm old member of TG, and of course TG never will die, that's why I'm coming back, because it will not die, never! Waiting 27th December to see that awesome job, congrats guys!
  11. Break

    Minecraft ~ The Return!

    Nice one, gonna spend some time on it.
  12. Back in TG community as main one.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Break


      Not this time. :)

    3. Drake°


      and then ruby's like dafaq are you xd

    4. Empire...


      Break the spell

  13. Break

    TG: Portal

    Freaking awesome.