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  1. Hello everyone. I had this idea in mind, to create a community especially for Multi Theft Auto mappers. Have you always wanted to have a discussion with one of your favorite mappers? Ask them for help or feed-back? Do you really want to know what others think about your creation? Get recommendations and advice? That's exactly the idea behind our community. If you're stuck and need help, don't hesitate asking, we'll be glad to sort it out for you. Have you finished your map and looking for a someone to record it? Contact the persons on purple. Last but not least, if you're looking for a partner to help you finish your masterpiece, all you need to do is ask! We aren't a clan or a team, but a community who's seeking to gather up all the old, future mappers from The Multi Theft Auto. The server is free for everyone. I hope you all have a great day (L)
  2. Impressive!! I loved every single part, well done man
  3. Around 500 maps getting uploaded soon (DM/DD/RACE)

    Some are new, some are just missing.

  4. Known

    CTF spawn bug

    I have sent MQ the fixed version, he will upload it when he has time.
  5. Cool map & fine edit, well done^^
  6. There's a big difference between "It's fully made with custom objects made by me" and "I recreated the objects". What am I dumb for? For recommending to give credits to the original author or giving my very personal input regarding the map? That's not an appropriate way to talk to a staff member or any other player. You should accept criticism and learn from your mistakes. Edit: Topic locked to prevent further fights.
  7. You claim that the custom objects were made by you, are you sure? The track could be much better as it feels like a race map. However, It's still different than the usual recent DM maps. Not bad after all. (ps: Better give credits next time so you won't get much hate) cheers.
  8. I'll be back home on Sunday, I can't wait ^^

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    2. xT4ngY


      can't wait to play mta i guess

    3. Zeist


      msg me when ur back bro ;)

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      waiting for ya babyh


  9. Starting fresh again - Ipe5brk.jpg

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      looks terrible kys stop mapping.


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      Like always, gerox neb

      Like always, gerox neb

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      lemme feat please admyn

      lemme feat please admyn