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  1. This was my first try at writing and working with voiceover, so it may have obvious mistakes, sorry for that. Not my best one but it was definitely an interesting experiment. I have no idea why it was posted 3 times.
  2. Nothing to understand here, Its just a music video of my short films i've created in the last 5 years Thank you guys:3
  3. from the first to the latest. nostalgia
  4. Finally, 3 months of work
  5. Didn't plan another trailer but I found this music so I edited into a trailer with a few shots again of my next machinima
  6. van

  7. Hey! A few shots of my new machinima project called Rover
  8. vfx montage of my videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tafk0FaNNrs
  9. its not a sequel, just couldnt find another title
  10. i tried to do kronos what do you think?:3