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  1. TRaiNo

    The end

    Few months ago I was back to MTA after a long absence. I was wondering what happened to the server. I couldn't find it anymore. I thought it was a temporary shut down. Today, I saw the post announcing the end of TG. I am really sad this wonderful server closed. It was one of my favorites and I really had fun playing in it. But yeah.. Everything comes to an end 😥. Thanks A LOT for the experience and the memories! Goodbye.
  2. U = developed map editor with all those good features U(n) = u(1) + u(2)+ u(3) + ... + u(n) in which: u(1) ---> mapper 1 u(2) ---> mapper 2 u(3) ---> mapper 3 . . . u(n) ---> mapper n Intelligent sequence !