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  1. يرجى اتخاذ ما يلزم من إجراءات لأولئك الذين كانوا يعطلون يعطلون لعب كل لعب معظم الخرائط والروابط المرفقة الصور التي تثبت ذلك وشكرا لكم. 1- http://im52.gulfup.com/SoS8mT.png 2- http://im49.gulfup.com/z2KBqW.png 3- http://im89.gulfup.com/KsNisp.png
  2. Why ban give me and I did not do anything, I've been in the server and I went to do some tasks, and when I returned, I found myself outside the server and tried to access the server, but tell me why you're banned ! !!! s the ban for 12 hours or a day or how much ؟ Megadreams: I've merged these 3! posts from you. Next time just use the edit button and avoid a warn to be given.