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  1. Video by ElCrow:
  2. Brian

    [DM] BriaN - Nostalgia II

    Video by ElCrow:
  3. Heyhohayho people, I'm here to present you our new map with CresheZ and BrokeN called Do You Even Sweep Bro?! Once I wanted to make a map with an unusual vehicle and the Sweeper turned out to be awesome to drive so I made some tracks, then BrokeN joined to decorate it..then I showed the track to CresheZ and he wanted to be a part of the map and help BrokeN so we accepted him. CresheZ decorated the map fast with the help of BrokeN, he made some track at the end and here it is! Please let us know what you think about it. Special thanks to Miketz for the video, who's really sorry for the lags in it.Subscribe his channel:
  4. Apparently Unix went on a vacation to SA and he joins random servers. When I joined the server this was the first message I saw: |TG|uNix: give me acc you After telling the guy to change his name he hit me with this: |TG|uNix: me unix me leder server TG me delet acc you now' |TG|uNix: Np I couldn't get his serial so there ain't much to do with him, I just thought I'd show you because he made me laugh :D
  5. Thanks to Lx for the video, CresheZ for his help with the deco at some parts and D0GGy for his help with the mods!
  6. Hello people, I'm here to show you my latest featuring with UN3xpected, called Feel the Intensity II. The first version of the map made me ask him to make this, I really loved it. It took us a month or so to finish this map, we hope it was worth it! The video was made by JohnY, subscribe his channel here: Song name: Nero - The Thrill
  7. Brian

    [Map deleting request] All BriaN craps

    I don't think I'd have to prove myself but if the admins doubt I'm the author of the maps then they can add me on Skype: vauxhallmta
  8. Brian

    [DM] BriaN ft. Fancy - Thorny Aster

    JohnY's CC fucked it up a bit, the map is much more clear while driving :)
  9. Hello people, I'd like to present you our new map with Fancy called Thorny Aster. The first parts are a bit old, I made them like half a year ago, then gave it to Fancy to finish it and improve my part's deco a bit. The map is full of secret stuff and easter eggs, good luck finding them all! Video by JohnY, check out his channel here: Special thanks to: JohnY Skaarj Krzysztof Hidin
  10. Brian

    [Map deleting request] All BriaN craps

    I don't play here and the maps are mine, so I guess I have all the rights to ask you to delete them. I don't think I should give anyone a reason.
  11. Hi, got many messages to request my maps to be deleted because they are bad, I'm a fucker etc etc so yea why not, I don't play here anyway
  12. Hi, I'm here to share HTC's v7 called Into the Past. Yes, he is the one who asked me to do so, if you don't believe I have permission then ask him yourselves. Download link:
  13. Hi, I'm here to present you guys my vol.16..nothing to add, hope you will get the message of it. Thanks for the video to King12Pro, subscribe his channel: