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  1. Userpanel color can be changed from settings 2015-05-19 14.51.34.png?dl=0 Thanks for the stickers idea
  2. More informations can be find here
  3. ALw7sH


    About the pvp system i see that the current one isn't fun anymore in my opinion a new pvp system would be really cool
  4. ALw7sH


    I have done something like that before, actully it wasn't Multiple-Infernus it was a script that you can add spoilers, front/rear bumpers etc.. and everyone is able to see your upgardes. anyway nice script and good luck with finish it.
  5. 52 DM and 60 for other gamemodes would be great (especially hunter)
  6. 1:05 - You should drive beside the wall then the car will follow the markers just u have to control it in the air to do it bw ( for ppl who dont know how to pass the part )
  7. Download link :