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  1. Ko0Zo0

    Member announcement (+ Sneak peek)

    Cg new trials. Its time to left tg .
  2. Ko0Zo0


    Rest in peace Tarkaan. I'm so sad :(
  3. Ko0Zo0

    Im also leaving MTA

    Good luck in your life Arezu
  4. Ko0Zo0

    Favourite TV show moments?

    I love it mate, don't care
  5. Happy Birthday Borther!

  6. Ko0Zo0

    How Many Languages Can You Speak?

  7. Ko0Zo0

    [DM] Redrum - Follow Me II

    One of the great speed maps. Keep it up!
  8. Ko0Zo0

    Competition winners

    Congratulations guys!
  9. Good job guys and nice record vishal :)
  10. Ko0Zo0

    Member Announcement

    Congratulations guys!!