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  1. Damn @Pitko, I was not expecting you to leave at all. I thought you were going to ''bring TG back to life''. I don't know man, it's hard to see you leave, even tho we didn't talk much, you were the reason I kept playing shooter. You were and still are my idol. I wish you the best bro
  2. https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Wentworth_Miller PS: I did get it
  3. Team Name: Niggas in Pyjamas Team Tag: NiP Team Players: 1) Danny - Portugal 2) Asma - Tunisia 3) MunK - USA 4) Krazy - Qatar 5) #Fox - Bahrain Team Reserves: 1) PedrO - Portugal 2) Rixon - Iraq 3) Damian - Poland Team Avatar:
  4. Foi no baile de finalistas ;)