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  1. Thread updatedAdded: Download linkAdded: HOW I CAN ADD A NEW TEAM ?
  2. Hello ladies and gentlemen, Would you like to support a football team in the game? or do you want to see your favorite team in the game? then this topic is for you The script is encoded within a month and there are some minor faults. NOTE: The script is completely free, not sold with money MENU NOTIFICATION LOGIN REGISTER HOW I CAN ADD A NEW TEAM ? 1) Open themes.xml with notepad++ (Download Notepad++) 2) Find the league of the team A) If you could not find it B) Add the following code to the bottom of the page and edit it. Code: 3) Add the following code to the league and save it. Code: <theme Name="Team Name" Wallpaper="Myteam/wallpaper.jpg" Logo="Myteam/logo.png" title="#002d69" title2="#002d69" background="#4dc2f4" textarea="#002d69" textarea2="#ffffff" button="#ffffff" button2="#4dc2f4" checkbox="#ffffff" label="#002d69" /> 4) Open [Login]FootballSupporter/cache 5) Create a new folder and open it ( e.g. Myteam ) NOTE: folder name should be the same as the red text above. 6) Add your team logo to the folder. [ cache/Myteam/logo.png ] ( Suggested size: 256x256 ) You can download the logo of football teams here. 7) Add your team's background image [ cache/Myteam/wallpaper.jpg ] ( Suggested size: 1920x1080 ) 8) Join your server and restart the script. Code: /restart [Login]FootballSupporter 9) Examples 10) Colors FILE INFORMATION File name: [Login]FootballSupporter Version: 1.1 Author: -Leon- Size: 8 MB Software: MTA: SA 1.5.4 Coded: Lua, XML DOWNLOAD community.multitheftauto.com
  3. Hello everyone , As you know, the new version has been published. Go to page Among the new features in the browser. more features Anyway, I did a small YT[YouTube] browser on MTA 1.5 [ Maybe in future times I will develop more ] NOTE: It made just for YouTube DOWNLOAD NOW!