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  1. Rapist

    Clan War Bets

    TG 13-7
  2. Rapist

    Clan War Bets

    TG 12 vs 6s 8
  3. Rapist

    [DM]^RydeR~ ft. ??? ft. ??? - ???

    good map
  4. Hey,why the shout box is disabled for me? Is it a bug or what?! I have done nothing wrong to have the shout ox disabled..

    1. Rapist


      Can any administrator enable it for me?thanks in advance...

  5. Rapist

    [OS] Kiwi - Swing City

  6. Rapist

    AnUs ft. ReazZon - Million Miles 2 (Test)

    Oh ok nice job mate! Your quality is perfect :)
  7. Rapist

    AnUs ft. ReazZon - Million Miles 2 (Test)

    Fucking awesome quality on this map! But isn't this map a special map for TG? How did you get it lol xD?
  8. Rapist

    Rizom ft. NoT ft. ReazZon - Time Passed By

    ^That,everything is explained!
  9. Rapist

    SlowSheep Vol.5 - Eternal Dementia

    Very nice
  10. Community Updates

  11. Rapist

    The end of February join requests

    Wow fucking pro trials ,gratz guys especially AnUs and Jackss my fav players and mappers <3
  12. Rapist

    PropHunt and extras!

    Who was talking xD?