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    PsYcO got a reaction from Cathrine in Twisted Gamers Internal Changes | The truth | Development   
    Good luck TG.
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    PsYcO got a reaction from PRODaN in Twisted Gamers Internal Changes | The truth | Development   
    Good luck TG.
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    PsYcO got a reaction from Wolf-Pack in [OS] Wolf_Pack + ???   
    Great job but this kind of maps they should not be made on 2019, imagine the amount of the players they gonna be stuck somewhere there that’s my opinion, I would love if every mapper think about all the problems since he’s thinking about the spawn point from there he must make all the players enjoying the map better than thinking how to top it faster than the other, i know it’s an os map but.. u know some genius ideas homie and good luck wolfy.
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    PsYcO reacted to V1SH4L in Registration   
    Team Name: Perrin Satanquence 666
    Team Tag: ~pS//
    Skype & name of the leader: vss.mta & VISHAL, siisti-c & SIISTI
    Team Players:
    1) VISHAL - India
    2) Siisti - Finland
    3) Raven - Turkey 
    4) Zmany - Saudi Arabia 
    5) Equinox - Israel 
    Team Reserves (there should be at least one reserve):
    1) Tommeh - Finland
    2) MunK7 - United States of America
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    PsYcO got a reaction from LinK in [DM] TaZ ft. LinK ft. ??? - ???   
    Nice map
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    PsYcO got a reaction from Sora in PsYcO's "Join Request"   
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    PsYcO got a reaction from Wolf-Pack in PsYcO's "Join Request"   
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    PsYcO reacted to Lukas123 in Lukas' Join Request [Cancelled]   
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    PsYcO reacted to Monst3R in Best CTF Players   
    Me(feeling proud),Mecha
    There are many more but those who i got in mind
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    PsYcO reacted to Tron. in Best CTF Players   
    Pitko, Mecha
    Me, erudos
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    PsYcO reacted to V1SH4L in Best CTF Players   
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    PsYcO got a reaction from xGreckZ in PsYcO's "Join Request"   
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    PsYcO reacted to Wolf-Pack in Wolf_Pack - TG Join Request   
    Hey guys. How's it going?
    I've taken some time to consider it, and I would like to come back.
    A little bit about myself
    For those on the staff that don't know me well, my name is Thomas. I go by Wolf_Pack or MWP47 in-game. I'm from the United States. I mostly spend free time anymore playing Rocket League, pool, and MTA. I also chill with friends. I've had a ton of free time lately though because I left my old job some time back, and I'm pretty much just waiting on some stuff to go through before I go to my new job.
    Previous clans
    Smaller community clans may be omitted
    (April 2012 - November 2013)
    Team-NeO was the first server I played on regularly, and the first server I ever joined in MTA. In my time there, I made a ton of friends (some which I still message even though they don't play anymore). I also got up to the rank of a team member, a level 8 admin on their MTA server (equal to S.Mod pretty much), and a VIP on their Minecraft server (semi-mod pretty much) before they shut down all their servers.
    xTreme Diversion / xTreme Skillers
    (January 2014 - February 2014, 2015 - 2015, June 2016 - July 2016)
    This was a community I came across a little bit of time after NeO closed. One of my old friends from NeO introduced me to it. I gave the clan a few tries because I really like the leader. He's a pretty chill dude. I never really felt like I was fitting in there though as it was mainly was a DM competitive clan.
    Death on Approach
    (Main run February 2014 - late 2014, a few more runs in the past couple years)
    This was a project and a clan in which was started up in hopes of making a MGM server back in 2014. Founders consisted of FearTheWasp, Duffman, and myself. It was a fun project that mainly consisted of former NeO members at first, and then we started meeting a lot of good people along the way. Our project hit a heavy halt when we lost a lot of our data though. Duffman (our main coder) was starting to become inactive as well as some other members too, so we decided it was best to shut down at that point. I've tried bringing it back a few times, but it didn't work out too well in my opinion. We still ended up meeting quite a few more good people in the last few runs though.
    Twisted Gamers
    (October 2015 - March 2016)
    I enjoyed my time here when I joined. It was definitely one of the best clans I was a part of (next to DoA and NeO) in my opinion. It was pretty fun being able to get involved in the events, and helping the players. There were a few problems whenever I was on the team, but I think those specific problems are actually gone now considering the roster is pretty different at this point. I mainly chose to leave at the time because I was starting to lose interest in the game. I did end up leaving MTA a couple weeks after I left TG, but I didn't actually leave for too long. I guess I just needed a break.
    (October? 2016 - January 2017)
    I had some high hopes for this team, and I figured I could maybe assist in some way. At first, I got to help with map testing quite a bit, then things slowed down. Things were still fun over there, but I did decide to leave for some personal reasons that pretty much had nothing to with the clan itself.
    Why would I like to join?
    I feel like I could help a lot more this time around. I'm more or less impressed by what I've been seeing lately as well. I feel like I could possibly fit as well as I did previously if not more. I feel like things will be a little better than last time too to be honest.

    Skills / Experience / Other capabilities
    I have mod experience from other places as well as TG. I'm capable of refereeing, organizing, recording, and possibly streaming events. I think my in-game skills may be at a record low at this point though.
    My server activity isn't too high, but I believe it would be enough to meet your requirements. I can always hop in-game if needed, but I just don't want to kill my drive to play. I check the forums daily (sometimes more if needed). I'm almost always available on Discord as well.
    This definitely isn't the best JR I've ever made, but hopefully you didn't get too bored reading. Thanks for reading.
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    PsYcO reacted to Canky in Canky's Join Request (Cancelled)   
    Thanks for opening my Join Request, hopefully you will enjoy reading it.
    About Myself
    I'm Canky, currently 17 years, I live with my family in Austria and I study machine and cars engineering.
    My MTA History
    I started playing MTA January 2012, the first server I played in was Team-NeO, and I played Deathmatch for the first time there, I totally loved the game and I wanted to top in every Deathmatch map, Later on I got banned for using shortcuts and superjump. I moved to a small Old-School server and improved my skills and made my first experience with the admin panel there. The owner closed the server and I started playing in TG's Old-School room. I met a friend there who wore the tag ~xD|, I also wanted to join that clan, I posted a join request and got accepted in a week, I started playing in ~xD| Old-School server, I've got more mature there worked on myself and soon got promoted to Old-School Clanwars Manager and Super Moderator of the clan, sadly the clan closed when I was in holidays and I started playing back in TG. I joined .:DoA:. which was a clan created by the Team-NeO players, I joined them and got the Clanwars Manager. After .:DoA:. closed I decided to join TG after 3rd try I managed to join TG, I was very happy and gave my best to be helpful to the community. Summer 2016, I left TG because I just wanted a break, I wanted to work on skills and on my personality the most. I've been clanless for a while and December 2016 I got invited to ~xRz~, I've been in ~xRz~ for 4 months and soon decided to leave the clan because I just couldn't make it there.
    Old Clans
    ~xD| Xtreme Diversion | CW Manager & Super Moderator | Closed
    .:DoA:. Death on Approach | CW Manager | Closed
    -|TG|- Twisted Gamers | Member | Left
    ~xRz~ Xtreme Racers zCool | Member | Left
    Why Do I Want To Join TG
    I want to join back to TG because it's my home in this game,Instead of hanging around useless I want to work on something, TG is one of the greatest clans in MTA History and I want to help bringing it back on its feet, 
    My Skills
    I'm a good Old-School player and Hunter, I can help in Deathmatch Clanwars also I've lots of experience with admin panel, I can help in events with refereeing, I'm a trustworthy and determined person and I can talk turkish and german aswell.
    Thanks for reading my Join Request, I tried to keep it short so none gets bored reading it.
    Good Luck to all the other applicatans.

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    PsYcO got a reaction from iBoSs in hi   
    Welcome, enjoy your stay.
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    PsYcO reacted to -HangoveR- in Twisted Gamers - Tournam info!   
    Teamname: CTF CLUB BARCELONA Name of your captain: HangoveR Members: HangoveR, Style, TaRaZ, PsYcO, Clown#, Dayrak (Reserve) Seb-The-Great (Reserve)
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    PsYcO reacted to Ramsy in Random ideas by Ramsy   
     - when viewing your Dashboard settings ( ),
     you should have an option where you get to see every player that you have muted on the server, and you could therefore un-mute them if needed
     - at times, if I do /showchat, over time, it will automatically turn itself back on, and that should not happen; the only way to turn it back on should be F8 ---> "showchat" (without the " ")
     - add these Infernus mods, please:
     - add window tint (someone already suggested this a while back) as a buyable option
     - allow Donators to fill up the map queue up to 7-8 maps (considering the limit is currently set to 5 maps, Donators would be able to buy an additional sum ammount of maps)
     - show top-times on maps which have Hunters in them
     - increase the map queue limit (5 is too low, considering the given room)
     - include all scripts (this room misses map scripts for some reason)
     - add a spectator feature
     - allow players to freely select which map they want to test (a menu, somewhat like the one in Training)
     - allow players to submit map reports (just like player reports straight off of the server; players get a small menu in which they can include all important information)
     - if a player is a long time successful map tester and helper, grant him a free passage to this room (no need of Donator)
     - over-all, fix this room
     - buyable Auto-B, I cannot stress how pleased everyone would be with this; make it cost around 15-20K; considering this option could be abused by campers, only have this option enabled when at least one -|TG|- clan member is on the server, just to ensure some level of surveillance; add a cool-down time for Auto-B as well (each players gets to buy it once or twice every, say, 20 minutes?) - with all of this, this idea should be quite balanced
     - Ghosting - a ghost of the player that got tt1 on a map will play the map (the only downside to this is that all used shortcuts will be exposed)
     - add a spectator feature
     - if you load a warp, you will have full NOS, and this should not happen; when loading your warp, or another player's warp, have the ammount of NOS be the same as it was when that warp was created
     - when someone does "/lw [player's name here]" (without the " "), they should freeze for 2-3 sec, so they have enough time to make a proper warp themselves, if needed (reffering to the save warp option) and so they see what's in front of them, what's coming
     - just like with Shooter, make Training have "sub-rooms" (multiple rooms) - one for DM maps, one for OS maps (an idea similar to this one was also proposed before) (emphasis on the OS part)
     - add /voteredo (/vr for short) as a command - 100% of the room's total ammount of players has to use this command for a map to be re-done; player count in that same room has to be 12 or higher; only one re-do per map; another idea which was suggested a while back
     - allow users to rate maps, using the commands /like, /dislike, /favourite (/fav for short) and /neutral (when a player votes, he can change his vote at any time)
     - after adding the rating commands, include a /maprating (/mr for short), so that players can get an overview of the map (i.e. "This map has 14 likes, 2 dislikes and 3 players found it to be neutral, and it is also the favourite map of 2 players.").
     - allow rating of -|TG|- clan members as well (who knows, could be cool to have)
     - prior to deleting maps, -|TG|- clan members should fill something out, so that everyone can see exactly why the given map was deleted and what needs to be done (by the mapper(s)) for the map to be brought back to the server (room, to be precise)
     - add a command which lists all of the commands for the person who used the aforementioned command, as well as shows what each of those listed commands does - this could be something like /commands (/cmd for short)
     - manual mute - manual mute and command prevention is applied to whoever repetitively uses the phrases "go flip/other commands" or "buy/sell donator"
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    PsYcO reacted to Cockie in Random ideas by Ramsy   
    Nice ideas what about a panel for events to create? and a special bar guy for joining the event?