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  1. Great job but this kind of maps they should not be made on 2019, imagine the amount of the players they gonna be stuck somewhere there that’s my opinion, I would love if every mapper think about all the problems since he’s thinking about the spawn point from there he must make all the players enjoying the map better than thinking how to top it faster than the other, i know it’s an os map but.. u know some genius ideas homie and good luck wolfy.
  2. I'm agree with Squonix all i wanna add is that you are editing GTA_SA files with adding some models .txd etc isnt a good idea my friend the default one with a better pc is the answer.
  3. PsYcO


    Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  4. That's a good news guys! good luck to everyone.
  5. Hello Community, Im just here to say that im Back to make more maps, So ill present you my new OS map with 4 ways with 0 sc and i did a bmx part that will be little be hard to pass it with a superjump also :) The map called Another Level (4Ways) i did other ones with 9 ways but it's deleted with more maps i've done i dont wanna remember cuz ill be sad My news that im makking more maps with some cool scripts soon ill share with TG so enjoy & Peace Regards: PsYcO.# Some Pictures of the map, i hope you like it.