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  1. Ramsy

    The end

    Despite all the shit we've been through, this is where I started my MTA journey and it's a name I probably won't ever forget. To all the devs that put any sort of effort into making TG what it was and the players that I played with, talked to, battled for toptimes against and shared memories with, thank you.
  2. Best of luck. I'll try to make it for the opening.
  3. I don't know how many hours I've put into this server, but I'm genuinely curious how TG3 will look and what it'll play like. No reason to say best of luck, because there's nothing to do with luck. You put the hours and effort in, people will play. Don't let me down, TG.
  4. Found these on my PC, use them if you want to, idc: https://imgur.com/a/7CJHQ

  5. @TG Staff

    When are you guys gonna get someone to work on maps (map fixer)?

    Known can disregard this question.

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    2. TonyxO


      More importantly when tg3?

    3. Known



      Hopefully, today or tomorrow because I sent the pack to Impzy.

    4. Lehelms


      better ask MisterDelay.

  6. Any OG motherfuckers still around here?

  7. Fucking finally you let Squonix in.
  8. A reasonable decision to lift all the bans, I'm sure the staff will feel a shift in atmosphere when certain people play or go on the forums, but I hope for the clan's sake for the better. Personally, you'll notice I won't be nearly as active as I was before here. And like I said to Tommeh himself, this goes out to anyone that can corelate - I'm sorry if I was unnecessarily harsh at some points to you, but I still mean everything I've said in the past.
  9. Less time consuming? That's a first. Get to know what the community actually wants before speaking, please, if not for my sake, then theirs'. So, me initially asking for a tracker and now Adam discussing it gives me no right to discuss it? This is a RANT, I'm gonna talk about stuff that's on my mind, and if you have a problem with that, f to the k off. ----- Furthermore, the reason I said I felt no emotion was because everything I mentioned with the emotion stuff was directly clan related. The way TG is lead killed the atmosphere (for clearly me and a lot of others, cuz I'm not the only one that left and, go figure, people are still leaving). I was indeed somewhat sad finding out I won't be able to play with some of my good friends, but that's why we have Skype, TeamSpeak and Discord. It's about the discussion, not the game. The reason I'm so "dark" is because it suits me. I enjoy saying what's on my mind with no censorship because I don't fucking care the slightest what anyone thinks, at least not anymore. I was more careful with words before I left TG, but the fact that it's led by dimwits who find me the cancer of TG, honestly, amuses and honours me. I respect @AdamJames for being a developer and I'd like to directly apologize for being an ass on the server to him a few days ago, but my view on TG was the same back then as it is right now. A team of great people and an amazing community, guided by people who should honestly be the ones seeking guidance.
  10. Just to get this out of the way, I planned on making this thread before I received a server ban, so the thread is only partially related to that and mostly has to do with things TG did (or didn't do) and should do to get back on their feet. Please cut the 'please be patient and wait for "Project Onyx"' and 'respect our developers' talk for a minute and read what I'm about to say with some common sense in mind. I've always said this and I'll say it again - the first thing and main thing TG always did that was wrong is plan out these big updates and showcase them to the community as is. Announce something big and leave it as is, tell the community to wait while it's being worked on. That's a mistake. The way things always should've been executed is the following - do small, but noteworthy weekly/monthly updates that involve the following: patches, small aesthetic and/or mechanical updates, forum updates and team updates (recruitment information and clan statistics, by that I mean showcasing how the clan members are doing in all fields, discussing who's doing what wrong and doing stuff to get them back on their feet, and if nothing can be done - looking for replacements, if need be it). I've always said this, but it seems like that never took place (excluding mainly the YouTube Player and MegaDreams's quiz system, compliments to him for that). The reason why I keep saying how I said this is because I can't say I've seen people say it much themselves, but I also refuse to believe noone agrees with me (but I digress). Second thing that never saw the light of day is some form of tracker that shows us, the players, update information (what is being worked on, what's gonna be added and if the developers need help with something). Look at Facepunch Studios' Rust devblog, for instance. This is mainly what always bugged me about TG. Instead of throwing TG3 and "Project Onyx" announcments at us and expecting hype, actually work on the server that we've been playing on for years. We clearly enjoy the server, but you force us to deal with the lack of basic things all other servers surprisingly provide. Also, please, find another way to make announcments, an announcment is supposed to be something important, not spam (seeing this day by day is spam, and annoying for people that don't care and are trying to focus on the game): And if you're asking yourself why TG's been getting a lot of hate recently, it's not just the fact that the clan dissapointed its' expecting players (twice), but the fact that the behaviour coming from the team is unacceptable. I'll let you judge for yourself, but does this or does this not seem like a person trying to make me feel bad for leaving what he sees as "superior to others"? Then we have a "leader" that is so inactive that he only returns when his clan desperately needs him and invokes invasion of privacy. I'm reffering to my little TG clan's clan chat being monitored. There was no factual reason for that to be done, all we ever said was how we felt about the integrity of TG, and then we have the "leader" trying to make us look as if we don't care about the community: We do care about the community, we have friends on TG, and it seems like the "head of TG" was just looking for a reason to get rid of us. What we don't care about the head of TG throwing empty promises at us, the (former) players of TG. This was my little rant and no, I do not want to be unbanned or expect to be unbanned, I felt no emotion when I left the clan and I honestly feel nothing now, I guess I can thank the amazing TG lead for that. I've made mistakes in the past, never did I say I didn't, but don't say what you're doing is right.
  11. @SquoniX Don't mention MegaDreams.
  12. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=sarcasm