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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RfvXquEVWQ
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  4. Name of your Clan: United Gaming Clantag: uG//Clan Website: http://united-gaming.org/forum/Clanwar Manager: uG//*K-paX# And uG//!AppleContact(Skype): cupcupo and fahad78654Clanwar InformationType: DMDate: noneTime: noneServer: -|TG|- Clanwar severPlayers: 5 vs 5 ( Undifined number of reserves)uG// United GamingPlayers:•••••Reserves:•••Maps:•••••-|TG|- Twisted Gamers Players:•• • • • Reserves:•• •Maps:•••••Rules:§1 Backdriving is allowed.(If it's possible.)§2 Waiting for NOS is allowed.§3 Spraying is allowed.§4 In case of backshooting / Spraying (rule #2 and 3), the "damaged" team gets the point.§5 Furthest player wins.§6 Max. Ping -250. (Would like to discuss this rule)§7 Max. FPS -51. / Min. FPS -36.§8 Shortcutting is not allowed (Definition: Skipping track or vehicle pickups.)§9 If it is a draw , a random map decides by the CW managers.§10 If a player laggs too much , a reserve plays then.§11 If someone times out before the map starts , we’ll redo the map.§12 If someone times out while the map is running , we’ll play further.§13 If the hunters are in the maplimit, we’ll play a hunter map with the players who were alive. Note: Please tell the cw managers about the mapslimit before starting the cw.§14 Everyone from the clan is able to participate.§15 Only the Managers are allowed to write in Main-Chat.§16 If a player is shortcutting/camping he’ll get blown up.§17 Backshooting is not allowed while getting hunter.§18 Killing people meanwhile they drive , is allowed. In this case spraying is also allowed.§19 Editing CW maps must be agreed by both teams.§20 If both teams are failing at the same part , the map will be redone.§21 If someone starts to flame/insult/provoke , he will be muted permanently.§22 It’s not allowed to add players, who joined the clan (new members - non-trials /trials) after the CW has been accepted.§23 If someone reaches the hunter the referee have to make a countdown (Just at the first hunter reach), It consist to 2 cases:§24 If your ping is high during a hunter fight we will count to 10 on you and if your ping didn't get low you will be slappedCase#1: If you shoot without waiting for referee and killed someone point goes for the other team.Case#2: If you shoot without waiting for referee, you will be blown.