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  1. few days before of TG 2.0 shutdown Bye TG 2.0. Have fun on PropHunt i'm TV's table and as you can see DMastah is chair. Nobody can find us we won that match i remember.
  2. Damn only few hours have done this is 7 days or 7 years? by the way, have you guys decide about banned people? i mean they can apply unban appeal after launch of 3.0 or can before that and be a part of 3.0 ? i only want my cousins which were banned due to multiple accounts. if someone try to hack he/she never should be unban.
  3. Congratulations @PRODaN and damn after 4-5 years wait finally 3.0
  4. it because of bug they create new competition for 3.0. Hope they fix portal issues such as toptimes, Playtime last week comparison Average playtime comparison, Playtime tracking time comparison and map uploader.
  5. first of all well written @MisterQuestions as always, Congratulations to new trial members @Paranoid, @NoType, @Cathrine, @ExTreMe14 , @Trend and @pieT about new rank. Edit: Good bye 2.0 and thanks to everyone who support/develop/manage TG
  6. Zayn's leaked song "Don't Matter"
  7. Well if you donate 1 euro with PayPal. You will get: Status: 4 days Money: $40000 SP: 1 about having pets or Change hair style. i don't think it necessary nor in 3.0 all depend upon developers. anyways -1 for this idea from me, Sorry.
  8. Well for unstable or high ping contact your ISP nobody can help you except your ISP. about stop map music i already told you method.
  9. Well you can disable map song downloading. Press F7 in game => Setting => {map song or something like that i forgot} disable it. there is old thread that might help you.
  10. Urdu (Official language) Hindi (Similar as Urdu even i can understand deep words) Panjabi (Panjabi song are famous on this subcontinent India/pakistan and Bangladesh ) Sindhi (state language only understand it can't speak :D) and English (Global Language)
  11. Nowaday this song also in my playlist. #IDGAF
  12. Hello arsal? how are you .. ?

    1. Arsalahmed786


      Good what about you? never seen you such a long time.

    2. Alex1


      Fine. I haven't join mta for 2 months xd.

      I think i could join in the coming days ...

  13. Good luck to everyone who gonna apply for TG. but unfortunately i have applied for TC and waiting for the result. Hope TG get more talented players. Edit: now i have applied for TG