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    Expose yourself.

    Now what could be more exciting than seeing th faces behind the screens of the ppl you play MTA with. Post your pictures on this topic to show your face. Let me begin:
  2. Tommeh

    A temporary idea

    We're going to have our main focus on improving 3.0 and thus won't be opening 2.0 as it would just add to our workload for setting it up and managing it. 3.0 will have it's issues fixed and we will be doing our best with making it more enjoyable and interesting to play on.
  3. Getting closer.

  4. Donation issues ahve been resolved. Everyone who had a donation status for longer than they were supposed to have been removed from the donators group.

    We've also added plenty of new countries for SMS donations. Including Turkey and Brazil, which have been asked for a lot.

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    2. AngelStyle


      Add to venezuela pls!

    3. OPCHE


      what about Saudi Arabia? ;(

    4. frog


      finally , now fix the server. 

  5. Tommeh

    The Tower - GTA V Machinima

    I'm not a huge fan of cliffhangers so besides the ending I think that the execution was right on spot. It seems that the time and effort you've put in to it haven't gone to waste.
  6. Tommeh

    [CS:GO] #4 - Unused Clips

    C'mon you gotta cheer him. Just a few more years of practice and you'll get gud Impzy!
  7. I don't know why, but your avatar seems familiar. :579dcfa5c7c1f_EmojiSmiley-57:

    1. Trend


      inspired by you. :579dcf9c20b86_EmojiSmiley-04:

  8. Tommeh

    The end of my adventure

    This topic has a lot of potential for a debate, but from past experiences I think it is more suitable not to go that way. Even if we have our disagreements I want to wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Thank you for all the effort you put in to the team and sorry that it didn't work out.
  9. Tommeh

    my maps

    We have no way of identifying you, so we will not be able to assist you with this matter. It is your own responsibility to keep your maps safe, we're not a map bank.
  10. Login issue has been fixed! I'm deeply sorry for the delay.

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    4. ChroniK


      Great job! #Tommeh4leader (3r time I say that)

      Thank you bauss.

  11. Tommeh

    Burying the hatchet

    Hello folks! This is a rather short announcement just to let you guys know that we're giving everyone a second chance. That means we're going to be lifting every ban on the forums and server right after releasing this topic. Now that we're finally moving forward on other frontiers we've come to the conclusion that we should also leave the past behind us. There is a wide variety of reasons that people have received the state of being permanently banned, but we're willing to ditch all of that. Are you able to do the same? Kind regards, Twisted Gamers administration.
  12. Tommeh

    Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    When you see a member of ours taking a part in a discussion like this where there is no rational ending or closure you have to remember that he does not represent the whole clan, just himself and that there will always be the side that will end up looking worse than the other. Now allow me to take the fall and look like an idiot, locked.
  13. Tommeh

    Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    We still have no idea what banned everyone, only me and Impzy have the ability to do that and nether of us did.
  14. Tommeh

    Stepping forward

    Once again we've had some big changes in our team's line up. Our co-leader @V1SH4L has announced that he will be leaving the team. You will find more details about his decision in his topic here. Thank you for all the work you put in to our team @V1SH4L, we'll dearly miss such a great and loyal member like you. Good luck in your future steps! Vishal did not go down alone though. Here is the list of members that will also be remembered for their efforts: @Siisti-C, @3ventic, @Rhypz and @Default437. We wish you the best of luck in whatever you're going to do guys. Thank you for your attendance in our community. Farewell! Managing TG is not that easy task so obviously, we have to promote people to work on this task. After talking with our members and considering the options I've come to the decision to promote @Pitko and @Impzy to stand up for the task. With new management, changes are more than likely to happen. Only time will tell which direction this will take us, yet I have my utmost confidence in these people. We will also be selecting people to fill out the rest of the management jobs that have been left to dust due to these changes. These changes together with some secret additions will be announced any time soon. Stay tuned! Moving to the most important part ►► New server! Since @MisterQuestions has become our new head developer, there were a lot of changes in our future progress. It might be surprising for every single player, yet it's true. Due to @MisterQuestions's amazing work, we're even closer to the release than you could possibly think. Reveal @MisterQuestions's plans in his personal announcement: ''Empty words without any proof!'' Yeah, we failed endless times in the matter of providing a new update. We're aware of this fact, so we've prepared something special for you. A couple of sneak peeks will be delivered in our next announcement. Preparing a lot of new changes for the near future. Is TG somewhere near to the end? Don't worry, it's not. We're still around! It's everything for today's news... Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration.
  15. Tommeh

    Donater. #3

    Contact me via PM giving me the details of the donation, we will continue there.
  16. Good day! The summer has been quite challenge for us and as a result our memberlist has faced some drastic changes. We had a bunch of people leaving us at these difficult times, other half being kicked for various reasons. For sure it is sad to see many of our oldest members go, but every journey is born with an ending. Sometimes a good one, sometimes not. In the end the only thing we know for a certrainty is that with every ending there is a new beginnning. It was apparent that with such a dent in our line-up of members we had to get some refilling. As a result of the Join requests and internal voting I'd like to congratulate @Cumb1erO., @Zeist, @Mattox, @Dubst3p and @Surflexy for successfully receiving the title of a trial member. As fresh blood is introduced we're going to promote a few of those who have already proven themselves to be worthy of being a part of our team. Congratulations to @MisterQuestions, @NoNameZ and @Roddy for becoming full members. I'm also glad to see that the CTF tournament has seen this much activity, even some emotions have been seen during and after the matches. At this point I'd like to thank everyone who has participated so far as we progress to the knockout rounds. The fixtures for the knockout rounds will be announced this friday! From the next match onwards we will also be providing streaming of the matches, the links will be announced on the forums. Kind regards, Twisted Gamers Administration. P.S. Onyx is coming
  17. Tommeh

    Best OldSchool Players

    He used to play on GMC alot, real pro as I remember.
  18. Tommeh

    How to change my name?

    Changing your account name is not possible as all your account data is linked to it.
  19. Tommeh

    New recruits 25.07.2016, CTF knockouts

    Saddest video I've ever seen
  20. Join requests have been closed.

  21. Join requests are now open! We've got plenty of room and are looking for people to fullfil wide variety of tasks like web development and designing.

  22. Servers will be back shortly.

  23. For everyone who still thinks that I was the one behind the decision to kick Arezu/Megadreams/Tonyxo:



    1. Tommeh


      I was always against selling outn our own team mates, but someone was afraid of someone... Do not blame me for what happened to them.

    2. Tommeh


      And before anyone can post screenshots of me saying that they're kicked to these members just please note, someone was making the decisions behind the curtains. I was just a messenger. Don't kill the messenger.

  24. Let's just sleep over it, mmkay? Good night.

  25. Tommeh

    Clan War Bets

    20-0 For the TeGe