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  1. Fucking mistakes, huh? Seems really promising this time. Hopefully, you guys will accomplish everything you're aiming at. Good luck!
  2. Quite a refreshing breeze midst your rows. Been wondering how much of the time will it take till Radhen will become a member. This lad's been around TG since the days I could remember. Finally to wear a great tag. Great to see TardFlexy, uhm, Surflexy there again. Maybe you want to keep him tougher this time, huh @leaders? You could use some fine stuff he has to offer. Congratulations to the rest of newcomers too. Can see some potentiality there, as far as I remember their nicks. Best of the luck once again. CTF, eh? Have fun!
  3. Pitko


    Team Name: Flag's Addiction Team Tag: FA// Skype & name of the leader: Mecha - (mecha620) && In the case of any problem: Piťko [Away due traveling reasons.] (Discord - Piťko#1035) Team logo link: http://myfastyle.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/FA-logo.png Team Players: 1) Mecha - 2) Radhen - 3) Sirio - 4) Fano23 - 5) Krew - Team Reserves (optional): 1) Lukas - 2) Piťko -
  4. ► Lightweight, simple, and totally free. Discord has dethroned every other gaming voice chat service 16 months after its release! ► Forget Skype or TeamSpeak and use everything at one place! ► You can use Discord via your browser or simply download an app! ► Get used to Discord now! ► Stay in touch with us on Discord and join our public server! ► Don't be a broom! ► We've lately ''revived'' our Facebook page! ► Stay updated everywhere! ► Special surprise for our 1000th follower! ► Follow us on our Facebook page! ► Don't miss anything anymore! ► Clan Wars, Tournaments and more! ► Special surprise for our 500th subscriber! ► Subscribe to our YouTube channel now! Join! Follow! Subscribe! We're looking forward to all of you! Best regards, Twisted Gamers administration.
  5. The point is that maps for such tournament are supposed to be stable, fast and smooth. + Bases of these maps should be equal. (It means that maps like Airport Jungle, Desert flags shouldn't be in this list considering one team of 2 would have a slight disadvantage.) However, some great maps are in this pool. (Morning Glory, Through The Yard, Everything Is Possible, Aerial Surge - V2) Anyway, I believe that I haven't played on new maps from the contest yet. Are they going to be picked automatically or they're just supposed to choose the winner of the contest?
  6. First of all, making Surflexy to leave was the best decision in the history of TG since launching 2.0. Well done MisterQ. (jkjk, no haterino slummerino. xd) I saw a lot of fine and smooth login's panels in the MTA, but this one... You guys have done hell of a job. (Hopefully the server will be clean just like the panel. There are still a lot of topics with ideas in the private forum. Still a worthy inspiration there. ;)) @ Lastly, trials. Well, wasn't really expecting it even though I still saw people posting their JRs. You guys have picked some fine folks. Obviously Hope and Bullet are at home now, but SquoniX? The &%*$? Meh, just kidding. He's been around TG since the first problems have begun and he's back now. Good luck to you and also to Tron. Hopefully you guys will represent TG greatly. P.S.: The summer CTF's tourny? Oww, are you ready FA//-guys? (@ChroniK, @Mecha, @RadheN, @Sirio22, @Krew)
  7. Pitko

    Top 5 your TV Series

    1. Spartacus 2. Breaking Bad 3. Family Guy 4. Narcos 5. HIMYM Honorable mentions: Mr. Robot, The War at Home
  8. Pitko

    Member Announcement (04/04/2017)

    I was trying to enforce ▼▼ THIS ▼▼ endless times back in the days. Quite a great compromise for every single player in Shooter. Very well done! Trials, huh? My FA//-Mexicano @Krew, you made it! Take care of CTF together with Mecha and Chronik. Pretty sure, Radhen will get there next time. Keep trying and you guys keep CTF alive. I'll surely play whenever I'm free. And here we go @DiatroN! Been rooting for you since I've noticed that you actually won't go anywhere. (Loyalty was always the key, especially in hard times.) Last, but not least @Mazda. Quite a ride, eh.. I still believe that everyone will come back to the place where they've started taking MTA seriously. I'm expecting more guys to come though. (Pretty sure, you know those persons.) Good luck to you too and please, keep Shooter alive. Still my game-mode though. Obviously, good luck to the fucing hacker and rest of the trials. (Welcome back Cumb.) I'm pretty excited. Future seems to be brighter than ever. @Devs [OFF-TOPIC]: At least you're a designer, TardFlexy. Making threads ain't your best ability. Kys <3..
  9. Good afternoon folks! This might come as a surprise for you guys but as title clearly says, I am leaving this community for good. Things are getting more and more difficult every day and I can see, there is no way I can handle leading -|TG|- together with my duties in real life (Mostly university.). Leaving MTA is the best thing I can do right now. (Yeah, I'm actually leaving MTA and no, I won't join any other community.) The truth is, I lost my passion in playing MTA a long time ago. When I turned 20 yesterday's night, it made me think about lots of things. ''Kinda old for this game, huh?'' Yeah, I'm indeed old. That's why I've finally decided to leave MTA and everything related to it. I'm really grateful for a fact that one person has convinced me to stay in MTA for a bit longer back in the days. Thanks, @SchranZ. You are the person who actually allowed me to be an admin of this amazing community. Being a part of Twisted Gamers is something really huge and I truly appreciate an opportunity which @Tommeh and @Sebihunter gave to me. Because now I can proudly say: ''I was a part of -|TG|- once.'' And yea, it's quite a big deal. I wish the best of luck to @MisterQuestions & @Surflexy. That long-awaited update is still in the progress but don't worry, it is still here! (Don't forget to take care of Shooter and CTF, too! ;) 2 clever Finns as leaders + dedicated members will bring this community far enough. Good luck guys ( @Tommeh & @Impzy), you will surely need it. Important mentions through my attendance in MTA.. @BatzMan (Finish our map, Angelito!), @Genetikk (Fuck that name, Dayrak ftw!), @AmoN (nR, yay!), @V1SH4L, @SchranZ, @Santa, @~BonBom, @Punky (Tard<#3), @ChroniK (You're doing a great job for TG, keep working!), @Division (You know where you belong, Holland.<#3) Thank you guys, was a pleasure. Would like to ask players for a favor. Keep supporting this awesome community, it really deserves it. Farewell guys. Have fun and good luck in your future steps. PS.: Will surely try to show up sometimes. Also, contact me whenever you guys want. #Skype&&Discord Yours faithfully, Piťko ...
  10. Pitko

    Hotfix Update | TG 3.0 | Member Update

    Fast and substantial core of the news. (You seem to be good in short things, @Impzy. I prefer it though, good job.) Design seems pretty smooth and clean. Can't wait to see your progress Mr. Manager, oh wait TardFlexy. You've been doing heck of a job lately and everyone has to appreciate it, well done! Also congratulations! This role might be pretty important since now. Make your slum proud! @Surflexy Best of luck to coders as well. The main point of a stable server is to keep it bugs-free no matter what. (Doesn't matter you won't provide the most complicated and astonishing script, just make sure it'll be smooth and playable.) Lastly, good luck to future applicants. (Hopefully, Diatron will finally make it.)
  11. Pitko

    Final News of 2016

    I believe that every single tournament's result has been saved. (CTF, OS) I remember that some prizes have been already delivered. Sadly, the biggest competition's results vanished because of foolish actions by the old leadership of Twisted Gamers. (You can freely check out random announcements back in the days. A lot of them were edited the same way like the one with results.) Everyone could claim that he/she was a winner of any mode. There is no way to check it out now. (I really tried to save it back in the days. It's nearly impossible now.)
  12. Pitko

    Final News of 2016

    Damn, how amusing is that? Judging people by their names on the forum? Also what does ''being famous'' mean nowadays in MTA? I'm kinda outdated. :( Main point: We'll be surely exciting to see how you guys did handle that enormous pressure. Hopefully, your cooperation worked out. (@Jake, @MisterQuestions, @TRtam) See you tomorrow and honestly, best of luck. (Even though you can barely change anything now.)
  13. Pitko

    TG Staff's Laziness -_-

    You're clearly missing the point here. Map Testing room is currently unavailable due to the maps' loading problem. Considering current developers are working on a brand new server, it's basically useless to keep fixing bugs of the old server. You're still able to play there and that's all what matters right now. + You can enjoy your game-play approximately on 7000+ maps. Testing your maps or testing maps overall isn't really a priority considering there is tons of maps you're able to play on. Keep that in mind.
  14. Pitko

    Member announcement (+ Sneak peek)

    Pretty good choices, even though I miss Diatron there. Good luck trials, it'll be tough. Good luck to MQ too. Hopefully, you'll surprise us even more in the near future. Looking forward to see that any time soon.
  15. Pitko

    Gettin' ready!

    Greetings everyone! As promised, we're bringing you the latest information about our clan and community together with some special news, you shall surely be interested in! Let's get straight to the point... Internal changes: Since my and @Impzy's promotion, we've been working together to get our current members ready for their tasks. We're leading indeed great members, so we exactly knew who will be the best option for certain roles. - Forum's moderator: 2 members have been appointed to this important role. Their great work on the forum wasn't unnoticed and this is the result. Congratulation @ChroniK and @fano23. - Clan Wars' manager: This member has great experiences in managing Clan Wars and leading his team to victory! This pick was obvious, so we'd like to wish the best of luck to @FoundeR and his future steps. Good luck in future Clan Wars! @Mecha will be handling stats of each CW, as he's proven himself in this role of Clan Wars' assistant. - Social media's manager: Did you know that @Surflexy's Twitter's account has reached 10 000 followers a few days ago? It indeed has! Our designer seems to be pretty popular over social networks and that's the reason he's been appointed to handle our networks. Advertising for such an audience could be helpful. (Maybe a new TG account on Twitter with 10 000 followers incoming?) - Ban appeals' manager: One of the most active members of TG, @DiablO. has been appointed to handle requests. (Unban, unmute, etc..) Good luck and nerves! - Reports'/Complaints' manager: We believe that @PRODaN could easily handle such role because he was leading a community back in the days. Good luck to you too! - Maps' managers: @Danx and @PRODaN will be handling OS' maps from now on. @Mecha, as a great Shooter and CTF player, will be taking care of this kind of maps. @Cumb1erO.'s task is to separate maps for DM, Race and Hunter. Good luck to every single person above. We believe that you're just great for these roles. Don't let us down! Newcomers? Loyalty, sincerity, ability, devotion, maturity... That's right! We're looking for new members from now on. Are you interested in joining? Do you believe you'd be an important part of our team? Are you determined enough to overcome all obstacles during your presence in our team? Are you mature enough to represent our team in the best way? If your responses were all positive, you're the right person. Let us know you're interested in joining our team by posting a ''Join Request''! Put a lot of effort into creating your request. We'll be extremely strict while picking new people to our team. Your join request represents your best characteristics and abilities. Keep it in mind. Priority! We'll be focusing on developers this time. If you're a developer (coder, modeller, designer) and you want to contribute, it's your time. Let us know about your skills and abilities in your Join Request. (Don't worry if you're not a developer. We'll invite loyal and skilled players too. Give it a try!) Sneak Peeks! No, we didn't forget. We've prepared some pictures from our upcoming project. @MisterQuestions together with our members (@Surflexy, @DiablO., @Dubst3p, @TonyxO) were working. The result is really amazing and I'm here to show something to you. (The work isn't done yet, but I believe we're in a good way now.) ►► http://imgur.com/a/WQME0 ◄◄ That's everything for today's news. Hopefully, we've convinced you that we're not done yet. We keep working to provide you the best gaming experience. ;) Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration.
  16. Pitko

    NoNameZ's Farewell!

    Here we go. (Quite a quick decision after yesterday's afternoon.) Best of luck in whatever you're going to do, JungeNameZ. Was indeed a fun. See you around!
  17. Pitko

    Stepping forward

    Meh, not the easiest time to take over the baton from @V1SH4L. It'll be surely interesting to watch our future progress together with @Impzy. (Good luck to you mate.) Will surely try to do my best in the name of Twisted Gamers. Thank you for this opportunity. Good luck to @MisterQuestions and his current project. I believe that he can provide everything needed for a stable and successful server. Let's see what will happen... #CleaningTheHouse #GettingReady
  18. Pitko

    CTF Summer Cup: Summary, Finale

    I truly enjoyed this tournament and I guess, I can proudly represent FA// here. Even though the server wasn't completely ready and some organization troubles appeared as well, I believe that every single participant had a good time during the tournament itself. Would like to publicly apologize to my team for letting them down after 1st round, but I was completely tired and I wasn't even able to keep my eyes open while I was spectating last 2 rounds. (Don't worry, we'll surely have a rematch and I'll stand ready!) Congratulation to The Perrin Sequence! You were simply better today in the matter of tactic. Enjoy your donor-status my dear colleagues! xd Thanks again for this enjoyable event and prepare for more surprises...
  19. Pitko

    happy topic

    The way of Adam's work is just great. Those late nights of coding and testing over and over again are just a proof of his limitless dedication and enthusiasm for his current project. Obviously, he wants to accomplish something really huge and he's on a good way now. You'll be truly impressed what can one target and the POSSIBILITY to work on something cause. The most important thing is that we can finally work together and it's only because of Adam. As I privately mentioned some days ago, I'd love to see public development blogs for our community. It might finally close mouths of those skeptical and hateful twats and bring some joy to our beloved community. :)
  20. Pitko


    Good day guys! I'm here to present you our last team in the tournament. After decommissioning players from Team Finder who are in the teams already, these lucky guys will form the last team together: @SAnTa., @DroBoX, @Heibara, @*Mondim^^, @C4sp3R, @DiatroN, @MoD, @DiablO. and @MaTrixsG. I'd advise you guys to create a Skype group and choose your captain. I know that you guys know each other. Hopefully, there won't be any problem. Temporary name of your team is: Last men standing (If you guys will choose a different name, contact me or Vishal on the forum.) That's all for now, let's have fun!
  21. Hey folks! Obviously, we'd like to make this tournament known as much as possible between race communities. We believe that a unique game-mode like CTF will surely allow us to accomplish this achievement. Are you alone and desperate because you don't have a team yet? Does your team need more player/s to fulfill standards? This is the right thread for you! Inform others that you need a team by posting basic information (preferably Skype contact) about you down below and spectate the miracle! Best regards, Twisted Gamers event organization team
  22. Pitko


    Team Name: Flag's Addiction Team Tag: FA// Team Players: 1) Pitko - + Seven/[SiK]7 - 2) ChroniK - 3) Mecha - 4) Radhen - 5) Sirio - Team Reserves (optional): 1) Lukas - 2) Krew - 3) L@ksh - Team Avatar (optional): https://t4.rbxcdn.com/7c4dca2f9207c5e4a4c016a760fd84e8
  23. Pitko

    News 17.04.16

    Ayyyyy, some good boys have been accepted. (Except Daniel, kekekekek.) Would like to show my gratitude to Unix, Arezu, Nextreme and other guys, who brought TG where it's now. *Showing my respect.* So what's up? 3.0 is coming, we have some good support (@Adam, Sebi) and new trials. It's never over. ;) See you around! P.S. Such a stressful video, huh Vishal? Great job! <#3
  24. Pitko

    Einostaftini is here!

    Another Finn, rip. Have fun over here. See you around. :))
  25. Pitko

    [DM] Pizza-v2- Surrounded

    Considering your v1 is one of those maps I'm somehow able to finish (I'm not a DM-er.), definitely looking forward to play this one too. Seems pretty smooth and playable, good job!!