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  1. Pitko

    The end

    Quite a pleasure while it lasted...
  2. Fucking mistakes, huh? Seems really promising this time. Hopefully, you guys will accomplish everything you're aiming at. Good luck!
  3. DaN leading TG. New update on its way. What is this life? Sup'?

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    2. Pitko


      Even old faces like PussyToy around, sweet.

    3. GaM.
    4. PRODaN


      Are you surprised my dear Slav?

  4. Quite a refreshing breeze midst your rows. Been wondering how much of the time will it take till Radhen will become a member. This lad's been around TG since the days I could remember. Finally to wear a great tag. Great to see TardFlexy, uhm, Surflexy there again. Maybe you want to keep him tougher this time, huh @leaders? You could use some fine stuff he has to offer. Congratulations to the rest of newcomers too. Can see some potentiality there, as far as I remember their nicks. Best of the luck once again. CTF, eh? Have fun!
  5. Team Name: Flag's Addiction Team Tag: FA// Skype & name of the leader: Mecha - (mecha620) && In the case of any problem: Piťko [Away due traveling reasons.] (Discord - Piťko#1035) Team logo link: http://myfastyle.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/FA-logo.png Team Players: 1) Mecha - 2) Radhen - 3) Sirio - 4) Fano23 - 5) Krew - Team Reserves (optional): 1) Lukas - 2) Piťko -
  6. The point is that maps for such tournament are supposed to be stable, fast and smooth. + Bases of these maps should be equal. (It means that maps like Airport Jungle, Desert flags shouldn't be in this list considering one team of 2 would have a slight disadvantage.) However, some great maps are in this pool. (Morning Glory, Through The Yard, Everything Is Possible, Aerial Surge - V2) Anyway, I believe that I haven't played on new maps from the contest yet. Are they going to be picked automatically or they're just supposed to choose the winner of the contest?
  7. slummerino

    1. Pitko


      Greedy cunt.

    2. Surflexy


      greedy ain't a true insult :(

  8. First of all, making Surflexy to leave was the best decision in the history of TG since launching 2.0. Well done MisterQ. (jkjk, no haterino slummerino. xd) I saw a lot of fine and smooth login's panels in the MTA, but this one... You guys have done hell of a job. (Hopefully the server will be clean just like the panel. There are still a lot of topics with ideas in the private forum. Still a worthy inspiration there. ;)) @ Lastly, trials. Well, wasn't really expecting it even though I still saw people posting their JRs. You guys have picked some fine folks. Obviously Hope and Bullet are at home now, but SquoniX? The &%*$? Meh, just kidding. He's been around TG since the first problems have begun and he's back now. Good luck to you and also to Tron. Hopefully you guys will represent TG greatly. P.S.: The summer CTF's tourny? Oww, are you ready FA//-guys? (@ChroniK, @Mecha, @RadheN, @Sirio22, @Krew)
  9. 1. Spartacus 2. Breaking Bad 3. Family Guy 4. Narcos 5. HIMYM Honorable mentions: Mr. Robot, The War at Home
  10. I was trying to enforce ▼▼ THIS ▼▼ endless times back in the days. Quite a great compromise for every single player in Shooter. Very well done! Trials, huh? My FA//-Mexicano @Krew, you made it! Take care of CTF together with Mecha and Chronik. Pretty sure, Radhen will get there next time. Keep trying and you guys keep CTF alive. I'll surely play whenever I'm free. And here we go @DiatroN! Been rooting for you since I've noticed that you actually won't go anywhere. (Loyalty was always the key, especially in hard times.) Last, but not least @Mazda. Quite a ride, eh.. I still believe that everyone will come back to the place where they've started taking MTA seriously. I'm expecting more guys to come though. (Pretty sure, you know those persons.) Good luck to you too and please, keep Shooter alive. Still my game-mode though. Obviously, good luck to the fucing hacker and rest of the trials. (Welcome back Cumb.) I'm pretty excited. Future seems to be brighter than ever. @Devs [OFF-TOPIC]: At least you're a designer, TardFlexy. Making threads ain't your best ability. Kys <3..
  11. It's getting quite active over here. What's up folks?

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    3. Tommeh


      Kinky university.

    4. Lehelms


      Once our bosses being motivated, all of us becomes active and motivated too.

  12. Fast and substantial core of the news. (You seem to be good in short things, @Impzy. I prefer it though, good job.) Design seems pretty smooth and clean. Can't wait to see your progress Mr. Manager, oh wait TardFlexy. You've been doing heck of a job lately and everyone has to appreciate it, well done! Also congratulations! This role might be pretty important since now. Make your slum proud! @Surflexy Best of luck to coders as well. The main point of a stable server is to keep it bugs-free no matter what. (Doesn't matter you won't provide the most complicated and astonishing script, just make sure it'll be smooth and playable.) Lastly, good luck to future applicants. (Hopefully, Diatron will finally make it.)
  13. I believe that every single tournament's result has been saved. (CTF, OS) I remember that some prizes have been already delivered. Sadly, the biggest competition's results vanished because of foolish actions by the old leadership of Twisted Gamers. (You can freely check out random announcements back in the days. A lot of them were edited the same way like the one with results.) Everyone could claim that he/she was a winner of any mode. There is no way to check it out now. (I really tried to save it back in the days. It's nearly impossible now.)
  14. Damn, how amusing is that? Judging people by their names on the forum? Also what does ''being famous'' mean nowadays in MTA? I'm kinda outdated. :( Main point: We'll be surely exciting to see how you guys did handle that enormous pressure. Hopefully, your cooperation worked out. (@Jake, @MisterQuestions, @TRtam) See you tomorrow and honestly, best of luck. (Even though you can barely change anything now.)
  15. What's up TG? Sending the best wishes and Merry X-Mas!

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      You know that beauty santa ? Merry Christmas btw.

    4. Tron.


      Sup Pitko and Merry Christmas mate