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  1. is it a bird? is it a plane? is it @Bullet?

  2. mater

    The end

    I always loved your slow asses Thanks for the memories! I will always remember this period of my life!
  3. @Bullet:3 slow, others are fine.
  4. i'll never be alone, cause you're in my soul

    1. SquoniX
    2. Bullet


      I'll never make you cry, make you cry
      You give me sun rise with your smile

    3. SquoniX


      You never leave me alone, I see you following me on the streets. 

      I never want you in my life because you give me the creeps. 

  5. Yo! So I couldn't write it in time cuz I'm already been kicked lol but I was about to tell you that I end my 10-year-old career and leave this game. The reason is simple, I don't have time for playing this anymore (and also lost interest in it years ago xd). I wanna thank TG and everyone for motivating me to stay and keep beatin yo ass. I know behind every "slowass" and "hey turtle" there was a big respect and deep down you knew I'm the fastest beast you've ever seen. Enjoy the game and don't lose the hope folks, maybe TG will reborn, maybe I will come back once. Best wishes and much love, mateR
  6. matmatmatmatmat:*

    1. mater




  7. where Punky and I carried, and you were a slowass?
  8. :DDDDDDDDDDDDD amazing work
  9. It's a bad map for CnR, the cops have tiny chance to get the robbers. The map is too wide, you should put the cps near the same area so when robbers take advantage, cops can still catch them later. Also the start was crap. Soz Gajeel
  10. well these stunts are better than 90% of the stunts posted here, in addition they're almost 10 years old u wankers
  11. I like the part when you "rekt" me at 0:26, although I only fell down one level and raped everyone later o) you lier cunt