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  1. RogaliK

    Member Announcement

    Congratz guys! Good luck to the others!
  2. RogaliK

    Join requests open

    I guess they ( TG guys ) are looking mostly for guys who has some skills in scripts/design etc. For leadership better to find someone who is in team already, but who knows maybe they will find someone who's really helpful in this thing. Anyway TG will decide who's who, wannabies anyway will try their luck in JR's, want u that or no :)
  3. RogaliK

    My New PC Is Finally Here!

    Not bad, gratz!
  4. RogaliK

    Join requests open

    Good luck TG, hope you'll find what do you need!
  5. RogaliK

    V1sh has to go

    Good luck dude!
  6. RogaliK

    [DM] SymoN v11 - Deep Legacy

    should be pretty hard, but looks good, n1.
  7. RogaliK

    Twisted Gamers 5 year anniversary!

    Yeah, a bit too late, but anyway Happy B-Day TG! Long live!
  8. Looks pretty cool, well done!