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  1. This is an old map made by me and rabbit, he finished it today and i just made this video, as always for free download here: http://www.filedropper.com/dmsveteran-ft-rabbit-anthem https://youtu.be/mIYH4pE7rj8
  2. EDIT: I've updated the download link with the new fixed one, grab it here: https://mega.co.nz/#!mBplVIIC!vBi1POSIS3xaS2-rdAZwArUuqZvztg18ZKIuk48KS4g
  3. This is my first "skilled" map and my last one, i don't have time and motivation to decorate it and i'm on summer vacations (and yes, it's summer here in Chile). DL: https://mega.co.nz/#!mBplVIIC!vBi1POSIS3xaS2-rdAZwArUuqZvztg18ZKIuk48KS4g EDIT: DL LINK UPDATED WITH LATEST FIX.
  4. - Downhill 2 - Video by me (switch, worst edit ever xd) Download link: http://switch-cl.com/user/SVeteraN
  5. Awesome map e.e Download: http://switch-cl.com/user/SVeteraN
  6. [DM]SVeteraN vol. 6 - Unlock The Power Thanks to: Naval, paake, Pixel & for those who help me out in this map :)! Download link: http://switch-cl.com/user/SVeteraN/
  7. Decorating #2: ft Pixel First of all, a huge thanks to Pixel for help me out with my vol.6, he has some really asom decoration skills, thanks dude . Anyway, if i'm not lazy i'll make a "Track" video in the next days... soo stay tuned, maybe it will be with someone else too >:0! http://youtu.be/EIqpQ1f56qw
  8. My HDD its about to die '-', anyone want to give me one? :$

    1. Vytixz


      ssd 512 gb good enough?

    2. Sw1tch


      GIVE ME, you damn rich europeans :c

    3. UltraZz


      ssd 1tb here xD

  9. i'll try this :D, thanks for your tip ^^
  10. I'm not a pro decorator, but here i'm decorating a tiny part of my v6, any suggestions and tips will be very welcome & helpful, :33 And i'm sorry for my video quality, youtube encoding sux. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoTnt0ydXYI
  11. lol this should be on the new TG 3.0, asom job FatyxO
  12. As i told you in-game, its a really nice map, good job
  13. I need some hands to help me out with decorations :(