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  1. I had the same problem, just reinstall MTA and it should be fine
    1. Suspect-san


      Death Note, AoT, HxH, Tokyo Ghoul, NGNL, OPM

      You've got the whole bunch right there my man. Now you're only missing FMA: Brotherhood to make the list of my favorite anime :D

      Also since we appear to share similar taste in anime may I recommend Parasyte - The Maxim - . It's something of a Tokyo Ghoul style kind of anime if you're into that. It's got many of the same appealing story elements of Tokyo Ghoul with a well toned dark atmosphere and overall nice story that's wrapped up in a single season. Highly recommended

      *le running titans

      Image result for attack on titan running titan gif

  2. I am the one who knocks. B|

  3. I have my playlist on DJ.plug in :D Do you want to check it out?