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  1. You know what it's called? A signature. Something you've replaced with a huge image.
  2. This seemed to have been archived, so let's revive it again;
  3. i want join clan -TG- , pls help me

  4. This forum is for ideas that can be managed by the community. Any suggestions and ideas that require scripting should be posted in the TRACKER.
  5. You can now use Steam to register on the website instead of having to go through email verification! Some of you have been having issues receiving emails from us so you can now use Steam instead of your email to activate your account. Simply use the Steam option in the login form and it will register you an account. Important note #1 After you register, you need to go to your Settings > Email & password and create a local password (DO NOT USE YOUR STEAM PASSWORD). This will be the password that you use in-game. Important note #2 If you want to login on the forums with Steam, and already have an account, go to Settings > Manage Steam and click the shiny green button there. This will link your existing account with your Steam account.
  6. Nah. Map testing was broken so I tried to fix it and killed it in the process so we had to fix it for good and this was the easiest option.
  7. Actually the real point was to fix map testing because it's been broken for the last year or so.
  8. 3ventic

    How to join a clan?

    You need to get a link from your clan's leader. See How to invite people to a clan? for more information.
  9. As the leader of a clan, go to portal > clans > leaderpanel and give the links to your members. One link allows one member to join. If you do not see any links or need to give out more than you have available, click generate a new link, and the link should appear above after a while. Make sure you have javascript enabled in your browser.
  10. Go to portal > clans > register your clan and fill in the fields (Clan Name and Full Tag) and click create. For Twisted Gamers, the fields look like this: