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    Guide & Rules

    This topic has been updated. To all participants, please read it carefully.
  2. Hi peeps, I'm here to announce the ones we selected to take part of our referees' team for the Capture The Flag Summer Cup 2017. We selected the ones who fit the most for this job. Congratulations to : @Canky @Wolf-Pack @Boudi @Danx @nuRd @ExTreMe14 We will get back to you later to talk about your role. Best regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team
  3. The CTF Tournament Registration Deadline has been postponed to the 27th (22:00 GMT).
    Indeed, we heard that some of you planned to register.

    The tournament server is almost done, the tournament will start soon ;-)

  4. If you want to take part of our upcomming CTF tournament, but you don't have any team to play with.
    Remember, you are free to reply to this topic : 

    It will help you to find teammates ;-)

  5. Mecha

    Best CTF Players

    Elister, for sure
  6. Only one week left to make and share your lovely CTF maps.
    We will use them during our upcoming CTF summer cup :579dcf9c8b822_EmojiSmiley-06:

  7. The clan war has ended with the score of 15-5 for Twisted Gamers. I want to thank our opponent for the effort and the ability to play this battle, as well as @Zoilo for refereeing and @IntreLeX for streaming. Big thanks goes to Master Players ! Congratulations to: - @Al1eN - @Xizen - @fano23 - @Monst3R - @Bullet:3
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    2. ChroniK


      Or tournament closed!

    3. Sirio22


      For the love of FA by Chronik

    4. Canky


      Something intense is coming soon


  8. Mecha

    Final News of 2016

    Nobody remember about our victory in the CTF Summer Tournament 2015
  9. Happy Halloween ! :579dcf9bb84b3_EmojiSmiley-02:



    Sent from Internet Explorer.

  10. Mecha

    We will never die!

    The excitement is so intense ! So many obstacles has been crossed until now to make this beta server. Be sure, every feedbacks about it will be take into consideration to make our dream a reality. You can be proud of you, sweaty developers ;-)
  11. Mecha


    Oww, bad news :( I had fun to play with you for years ;) Good luck in the future, mate <3
  12. Mecha

    Trick or treat?!

    Quadruple hype
  13. Mecha

    [DM] Krzysztof - Tomb Raider II

    WOW! No other reaction comes in my mind.
  14. Mecha

    Twisted Gamers vs Sixth Sense #3 (4-16)

    The winners of the rounds : Round 1 : V1SH4L Round 2 : Mix, RoNNiE, Snowi, F3NN, Partyz Round 3 : Snowi, F3NN Round 4 : Shokkz, Snowi, Partyz, F3NN, RoNNiE Round 5 : V1SH4L, AlieNNz Round 6 : Partyz, Snowi Round 7 : V1SH4L, SIISTI, NoNameZ Round 8 : F3NN, Snowi Round 9 : RoNNiE, Snowi Round 10 : F3NN Round 11 : F3NN Round 12 : RoNNiE Round 13 : Snowi, RoNNiE Round 14 : Mix Round 15 : Mix, RoNNiE, F3NN Round 16 : RoNNiE, Mix Round 17 : RoNNiE, Snowi Round 18 : Snowi, F3NN, RoNNiE Round 19 : SIISTI Round 20 : F3NN
  15. Mecha

    Twisted Gamers vs Saints #2 (11-9)

    The winners of the rounds : Round 1 : SIISTI, V1SH4L, Cumbiero, FoundeR, AlieN Round 2 : SIISTI Round 3 : GanzoA9 Round 4 : WazeR Round 5 : RuSO, WazeR Round 6 : FoundeR Round 7 : Kill after getting hunter. Point for Saints clan. Round 8 : SIISTI Round 9 : WazeR Round 10 : WazeR, GanzoA9 Round 11 : SIISTI, FoundeR, V1SH4L Round 12 : FoundeR, V1SH4L, NoNameZ Round 13 : SIISTI, FoundeR, Default437 Round 14 : GanzoA9 Round 15 : WazeR, CarlosG7, GanzoA9, Joel Round 16 : SIISTI Round 17 : NoNameZ, SIISTI Round 18 : NoNameZ. Round 19 : WazeR, CarlosG7, Joel Round 20 : SIISTI
  16. Mecha

    Member update, Team war

    Thanks to the persons who supported me, thanks to TG to give me another chance. Congratz to the others trials and the ones who successfully passed it, you deserve it. For the guys who have been declined, don't give up. It's what I did and it was worth it.
  17. Mecha

    Clan War Bets

    TG 8 -12 DoA TG 13 - 7 Furious
  18. Hey @Mattox do you want to become the best at RL ? Just follow those tips ;D


  19. Mecha

    Donation problem

    Did you try to clear the cache of your browser ?
  20. Mecha

    Clan War Bets

    Why should it be funny ? It's just a bet about a CTF CW, nothing else.
  21. Mecha

    Clan War Bets

    TG 3 - 2 EPG
  22. You made it. Congratz ;-)

  23. Holidays ! Finally :D