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  1. Megadreams

    Anti-Bounce 3, your opinion

    Dear MTA players and server owners, Thank you for participating in my survey in regards of Anti-Bounce 3. It has taught me a lot about why people like and don't like Anti-Bounce. This, together with the other important questions you answered will definitely be used to make Anti-Bounce 3 the best version yet. Anyhow, based on the results I will release a version 2.6.0 of Anti-Bounce already containing recording tools that allow you to record a bounce that happened but went undetected and glitches that you expect to be caused by Anti-Bounce. This will help me a lot in investigating the reason behind these and solving them for Anti-Bounce 3 and the versions afterwards. For server owners it is very clear that the customization possibilities are still heavily wanted and therefore they'll be kept in, this version will automatically convert your old 'config.xml' file into the new format and will have backwards compatibility for all exported functions and events (although some of them will be marked as deprecated, so update them eventually). Development of Anti-Bounce version 2.6.0 and Anti-Bounce 3 can be followed on Github. Sincerely, Megadreams
  2. Please help me make Anti-Bounce 3 as best as it can be!


  3. Megadreams

    Anti-Bounce 3, your opinion

    Hey there everyone! Due to popular demand I am going to continue develop Anti-Bounce 3 but I want to make sure to make it as best a possible. For this reason I have assembled a Google Form with some questions I would like all of you to answer. By doing so I can make sure that Anti-Bounce 3 fulfills everyone's needs. Click here to fill in the form Sincerely, Megadreams
  4. Due to popular demand I'm announcing that I will start working on Anti-Bounce v3 again which will have a completely rewritten and much more accurate detection system.

  5. Remove the need for these 15 players to participate in clanwars and the invite system and I'd agree that this wouldn't be a clan.
  6. Qualifies as a clan tho? Anyhow the idea of having a competitive board of players isn't bad.
  7. Megadreams

    Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    Being mad does not necessarily mean that you are trying to attack the opposite side. There are better and more mature ways to do so. Me asking for the scripts to be removed was an impulsive reaction and is being resolved in a PM now. This topic was only meant to explain my view on the situation and let others tell theirs in the hope that a solution would come out that is beneficial for all parties involved.
  8. Megadreams

    Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    I don't necessarily need to be ingame to know what is going on in many servers. If something goes down I hear it from multiple people at once. Also, not seeing my name ingame does not necessarily mean I am not ingame. Even when I was still a TG member I used to go ingame under a different nickname and even a different country, some might even still remember that. I am indeed trying to be calm and get to a proper solution. If I am wrong I am fully willing to accept that but as of now I still fully believe that I am right.
  9. Always wanted to tell me to shut up? You got your chance now in the "Take a hint... and responsibility for once" topic. Poll added

  10. Megadreams

    Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    I might have been somewhat impulsive there then.
  11. Megadreams

    Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    I was one of the people who for example got thrown out of the Discord server for no apparent reason.
  12. Megadreams

    Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    I asked for my scripts to be removed as a result of some very unfair kicks and bans that happened very recently.
  13. Megadreams

    Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    Useless in what sense? Elaborate.
  14. Megadreams

    Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    I didn't share them however. My issues with FFS were already resolved for quite a long time before that. I was kicked in an unfair matter. This purpose is to point out these mistakes and let other players do so as well. So that these can be changed. However, you guys are banning people for the slightest reasons. Reasons that should only result in a warn or a mute. Not to mention how rude some (which includes you) are towards these players. That's not how you resolve such an issue. It only makes it worse. First of all, I did not condone these accounts myself nor did I ever had to do anything with these; Not all of these people are even my friends, only a small amount of them truly are. They are doing this because they feel the necessity of doing so. Your actions cause their hate, don't you get it? Proves my point. I am pointing out my view and if you can show me otherwise I am willing to accept that I am wrong. However you simply start calling me selfish and egoistic while I am actually trying to help making Twisted Gamers better again by pointing out the issue. How is that possibly being selfish and egoistic? If I was selfish and egoistic I wouldn't do anything and let things slowly go down more and more. Yeah...