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  1. I didn't choose to study economics so I won't venture further into the abyss
  2. (I do not know how to split quotes in mobile so I'll just state to which part I'm replying to.) 1st paragraph: the administration was very efficient when I have started becoming inactive. You'd sometimes see more than 2 admins (new members mostly) jumping on a report and literally almost all the time when I joined the server there were more than 5 admins. I doubt my activity mattered much to them except to me - as staying active at that state is merely just to stay in the clan. There was no reason for me to keep playing while I had exams and other stuff to do rather to spend my time on being just another admin which isn't really needed in (my timezones) evening (evenings only because I didn't have any other time to play - high school till from 8am to 4pm isn't real fun). 2nd paragraph: I'm not talking about you. Here (middle east) you get 5$ every hour you work minimum wage and you get even less the easier the job. untill you get the diploma in uni/institutes good luck finding a job that gives over 10$ an hour. I'm talking about a players perspective not yours. (Or european or American for that matter as i believe you guys get atleast 5 times more than us in minimum wage - higher salaries not included.) I'm not ranting hereabout my country mind you, I'm telling you to not be selfish and only see stuff one way as usually the world doesn't work that way
  3. and im here after like 2 or more months after the "supposed" TG 3 release date and still see it unfinished.. and the things you guys say about project onyx (or whatever - i didnt really pay attention) doesnt do it any good,the community is destroying you from within, i do not see how you allow it? making a dev blog wont really help this dark TG time when almost everyone has lost hope, only the strongest (believers) are probably the only ones still hoping for some miracle to occur - do not reply to this about telling me about your playercount as only they are the ones that still didnt lose hope and a hundred and a few dont really count, seeing as some more of TG members lost hope and not only me proves that the clan is failing and if you dont do something real soon the rest will crumble aswell and your fragile thin line of players' trust if you do another hype and fail will cause them to go to the other side (or leave the game entirely like me) i will drop a thank you for vishal here for kicking me instead of leaving by myself, since i have promised vishal ill leave after TG3 by judging if it will be enough to bring me back to this.. - but seeing as it wont be happening any sooner, then im glad for your desicion making but seeing the picture Ramsy's skype picture is literally like telling me that you have immatured from the troll hell that is this community, "TG is going to be great xd lol ok you left at the wrong time lol ok yeah tg is shit right of course ok" the hell? perhaps i should be thankful for getting inactive in the first place and getting a reason to be kicked instead of leaving so it would look like i was on another clans side. (and i know i read your reply but it doesnt really count since youre a leader - someone people look for help and shit and you getting bashed and acting like this is not a very good example my friend..) judging by cres and mightyaces and ramsys reactions to the community it really looks like it has lost its... like losing the pillar of the community, sicne they were the most respected and whats this about getting wade banned after he donated you money cash? he worked to get it and thats how you repay him for the (probably) whole months of donations? thats a good way of saying "thank you for the cash but bye and dont come back", yes if he did something bad you should do something but a permament (from what i gather - dont correct me here as i do not know) ban is like a slap to the face great job m8s...
  4. Whats a good game you recommend?

    FPS:BF4, CS:GO, BF3, Battlefront (however it dont got lots of stuff, after like reaching level 35 i stopped playing it), Call of Duty modern warfare 1-2-3/black ops 1 RPG:The Witcher 1-3 (its a type of a story game, each one continues the last), SKYRIM (i mean seriously, no one mentioned this..?) - with a ton of mods of course after completing the game a few times - and again finish the game with those mods, tes:oblivion, tes:morrowind open world: GTAV, every saints row since 2 to gat out of hell post apocalyptic:The Last of Us (PS exclusive), Fallout NV (heavily modded), Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, Dying light adventure/action: Uncharted 1-4 (PS exclusives), both Tomb Raiders, assassins creed (every one from 2 till black flag, i havent played unity/rogue/syndicate yet.. ) other games: hearthstone, command and conquer generals (both original and zero hour, and if you want more theres the "rise of the reds" addon that adds russia and europe), terraria if you got a ps plus subscription, they are giving nba 2k16 this month and there are rumours of resident evil 6 / the evil within next month and of course... minecraft
  5. Your best Film in TV

    i like the movie where bruce wayne gets a pair of parents and the one where peter parker is a hunk with super powers who gets bitten by a spider which drains his powers and turns him to a nerd
  6. How Many Languages Can You Speak?

    english mother russian hebrew I know the alphabet of arabic and pronouncing some words if that counts -turkish insults if that count too
  7. My New PC Is Finally Here!

    completely forgot about the iGPU, heh I dont really want to start an AMD-nVidia war here, but, the 300 series arent exactly a rebrand , its more of a refresh-type instead like Devils Canyon and Haswell its pretty much the same for 290x/390x (and the others), I to be honest dont exactly remember what they actually changed besides the power delivery and the more VRAM although I admire them by the fact that such old hardware competes with the 900-series, le powah of drivers
  8. [SKIN] Donald Trump Theme

    i can tell mexico got offended from this.. cough
  9. My New PC Is Finally Here!

    a haswell i3 and this FX trades blows, 6 "modules" vs higher IPC and less cores.. but they both will bottleneck the videocard anyhow in CPU bound titles .. so it doesnt matter altho I do agree if you went with a Skylake i3 system you would've gotten a much better experience.. but I do not know how much they cost in other countries.. anyway, nice build //did you OC the 6300 or is it on stock? if you didnt yet you really should
  10. Anti-Bounce, your thoughts

    I just bound it to "c" and press it whenever I "predict" a bounce pretty much.. I've liked the last version of antibounce that was on the server(1.3 I think it was?) - it was so OP that I didnt even care about how I land, it would take care of the bounce that was ahead eheh would be cool to see the "bounce prevented" message on antibounce 3.0 aswell #voteforturnip
  11. [DM] Damian Ft. ShuX - Take Me Home III

    osom map, looks epic, cant wait to play it eheh n' nice rcord vish altho just a note - when u drift or smth doesnt look so good on cam (1:58) just my opinion tho im kind of a perfectionist =x
  12. Twisted Gamers 5 year anniversary!

    owwwww birthdayboy TG is almost releasing his third son to the wild 'sbeen a fine ride dis year , lets hope for a better humm
  13. [DM] Cheslav Ft. Second Ft. iRaven - Greenpeace

    kewl map, great job bois nice drift at the end, DC approved of this action
  14. epic, gonna try the corvette, bmw and razor's ford