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  1. Thats my wallpaper now HAHAHAHAHA
  2. So i was just playing TG and suddenly this happened. And to say he wanted an unban
  3. Well this is kinda a fail? No one wanna share his desktop because of porn folder xD
  4. Such a nice idea! Hope to be implemented in future :D!
  5. Scorpionguy


    I have experienced this. If you have any car mods. Delete them Still not working? Reinstall MTA and reset everything Still? Redownload GTA SA. Still not working -_-? then format your laptop.
  6. Bcus im a private user. Only family likes my photos. Yeah 50 family members :)
  7. I just wanted to start a new one because those are old ones. Everyone changes his desktop you know :P?
  8. Hey guys. i was bored and suddenly an idea popped up. How about taking a screenshot of your Desktop and sharing it here? let me start
  9. Yep thats me . #Dontjudge xDD
  10. This skin is from Micra . Or nismo i think. One of them
  11. Scorpionguy

    How to Lagg!

    I call HAX god damn that lag XDD