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  1. Can't wait, I hope this is finally the final server, don't screw it up. You guys can't allow more disappointments. Let's wait and see for the great day.
  2. Merry Christmas y'all
  3. Sup, Just came to say that I reinstalled MTA cuz I was bored and I kinda missed this game,so yeah is nice to be back at home, but don't expect neither to see me nolife 24/7 like in the old days hehe. Cya around the server! Cheers
  4. Somebody slap me, Cumbiero and Mattox finally joined wow damn, Congratz to the new trials bois Y cumbi...
  5. What the actual &%*$, gg Adam
  6. Sup, I'm here to notice a decision that I had in mind all this time but I couldn't make until today, Since April of this year I started to being inactive thanks to the fact of being busy and no having time at all for MTA or even playing any game. This week I'm gonna finally graduate from the High School and then some weeks later I'm gonna start the college. So basically I could have time for the team and for the game. But as Vishal know, I tried to clean and fix all the problems that my PC have to finally play but I couldn't fix them. Besides, I've lost all my interest in being part of this awesome community and I don't want to be so useless scratching my balls while all the team is doing a wonderful job for the upcoming server. So yeah, that's it if you don't wanna read all that shit here is the summary: I'm leaving TG and MTA. Thanks for all the people who have been with me all these wonderful fourth years in this game, there's so many peeps that have made so awesome my experience in this game and of course thanks to the Staff of TG for gave me the chance to be part of the best team, I'm so thankful for that. Well that's all, I have more things to say but nobody would read them so, farewell. All the good things have to come to an end... Regards, Lord Frankz0r

    Hi men could pass me our map ? because the hard drive is broke and not have it : | , I am TenshO:biggrin:

  8. Me after watching all the members who left us in the last days: :((
  9. Slowass jk Nice record y buen mapa Nano sos groso sabelo +10
  10. Frankzy


    Somehow I don't like the quality nico pelotudo, and overused song kappa
  11. Hijo de puta Red sos mi idolo, aguante martin vieja no me importa nada!
  12. Non of us have time to finish deco and complete the track, so yeah, we need partners